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Maria Shalack

BA, MS, Certified Health & Wellness 
Miami, Florida, United States
Addiction Recovery, Health & Wellnes, Life Coach

About me

I like helping women who have problems with drinking, addiction, food, and body issues. Once you have gotten to a point where the obsession has taken over and your life is unmanageable, it is hard to find joy in anything. Just know that you are not alone! By working with me, you can find the support you need to break free and unlock your potential. Whether you are young and single, or a mom with kids, I've been there. I am passionate about health and wellness and will get you back on track to feel good and have a healthy joyful life.
I have been coaching women for 22 years and I have my own experience in addiction recovery. I am Certified as a Health and Wellness Coach, and also an entrepreneur, married, and a parent of teens. I can assist you with changing your mindset and beliefs in order to achieve balance and fully recover.

First, we can analyze your current situation, and work together to create a plan of action in order to accomplish your desires and dreams. It will be based on healthy choices, taking care of our body, mind, and spirit we can achieve health and wellness.

This is a partnership to achieve what matters most to you, through perseverance and solution-focused actions. I can coach you online or face-to-face and tailor it to your needs.

Coaching with me


I’ve worked with women in the past who had great results and transformed their lives. I have helped them to stop drinking and using substances and also coached them to stop their obsession with food and body image by establishing healthy ways to manage eating and exercise. 

In addition, I’ve assisted other women to improve their over health. I like to work with the individual not only on the physical aspect but the emotional and spiritual. The substance is only a symptom of the problem. We have to address the underlying issues behind the behavior, and we get to do that by exploring, creating new beliefs, and following with action.

I’ve also worked with women who needed a life coach and wanted to go over every aspect of their life, including their work.



I like to create a specific program for the individual, we meet once a week 1-hour sessions. I can also be available for extra support via text or email during sessions.

changing our beliefs and our way of being, but you can start seeing results quickly when action is taken. It all depends on the person’s willingness and open-mindedness to take action. I like to incorporate several pillars into the program, such as stress management, good sleep hygiene, food and exercise plan, spirituality, mindfulness, and of course provide the person with tools to incorporate new habits that will have long-lasting effects.

I offer customized packages for 3-6 months. If it is local, Face to Face. I can come to you depending on the location.







Same structure as the private coaching (above) but I can coach you from the comfort of your home via online Zoom meetings. Weekly sessions 1 hour each and support in between via text or email.

3-6 month program to get the results you need. 

Short courses or group coaching

We offer group coaching and we customize the program to your needs and group. For example: treatment centers and businesses.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Health and Wellness Coach
  • Masters in Management

Fee description

Fees: from $120 USD to $200 USD

This fee structure is per session. I also have packages for our 3-6 month programs. 


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