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Natasha Guide

Living in bliss 
Sofia, Bulgaria
From deep hell to bright heavens again. The path I know.

About me

Even if you have read tons of books about love, you won't know what love is until you fall in love.
Nobody can show you the way better than the one who has passed whole path by himself, not learned, not be educated, but experienced.
And nobody can teach you, but you. One can only show you the way, but you must walk it by yourself.

I have walked many paths, came from dark places, went long distance and here I am - in Bliss, Harmony and Light..
I have very good knowledge, and this means theory and much practice, in processing thoughts and emotional charges, handling difficult situations, loneliness, corrupted relationship, fast way to higher dimensions e.t.c...but first of all I can coach you how to empower yourself so you can be able to manage everything by yourself.

I will help you to shift to a reality you want in your heart and you know you deserve.

Because I have know how and you can not read in books about it.

We (me and you) will heal your problems with stress, divorce, grief, inferiority complex, failures in everyday life, boredom, loneliness, lack of partner, uncertainty and all fears you may have.

Coaching with me

Dealing with negative emotions, thoughts, stress, divorce, grief, inferiority complex, failures, boredom, loneliness, lack, uncertainty, fears.

Self empowering information and practical techniques for fast achieving any goals.
Emotion handling.
Loneliness erasing.

Practical information and useful help for everybody that
feels stuck on his path and can not or
doesn't know how to get out of there and move on.
Simple techniques, fast results, profound explanations.
1. Deep conversation with questions and answers that is aimed to find negative beliefs.
2. Profound explanation of everything we do.
3. Giving right techniques and visualisations for for fast solving every problem in life.
4. Changing perspectives step by step.
5. Propel meditations.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

Because of the distance, the coach will be most often on Skype and email
Skype with or without camera, may be in writing - you choose
Ongoing training
Handling emotions training
Self empowerment training
Stress management training
Confidence training

Experience, Certifications and Training


Fee description

Fees: from $10 USD to $300 USD

Single session can cost between $10 and 30
1 month training will cost between $250 and 300


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