lifecoach $150 USD Sadie Kolbet Sadie Kolbet "The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today." -H. Jackson Brown Jr.
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Sadie Kolbet

Reno, Nevada, United States
"The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today." -H. Jackson Brown Jr.

About me

I enjoy working as a coach, either in person or online. Seeing people succeed is one of the most rewarding experiences to have in a career. If you are looking for a coach, please consider me!

I have worked in the medical field and hand-in-hand with psychologists since 2008, which gives me an edge with patients in need of a health coach. I understand both having a chronic illness, and helping someone close to you with an illness as well.

I also work with students, career minded adults, patients with chronic illnesses, relationships, infertility/adoption, and people in need of a general coach as a motivator. Sometimes, I help tutor my clients as well.

I work with Inspired Life Coaching and Counseling on a daily basis, so I have experience outside of the Hub as well.

Coaching with me

My clients can receive help with:
1. Meeting academic and career goals.
2. Maintaining wellness.
3. Organizing one's self.
4. Working on and maintaining healthy relationships.
I like to work around however my clients are most comfortable. Some people tend to open up more with typing and online, but some like to talk on the phone or meet. I am fine in any capacity.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

Face-to-face coaching sessions available, and can (maybe) be billed to insurance.
People often open up more starting with text, IM, and email. If you would be more comfortable with IM or email, please let me know.
Short courses or group coaching
Work with peers to meet your goals
Ongoing training
We can meet your goals together by meeting in person or over the phone regularly

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Medical Assistant, MA
  • Certified Professional Coach, CPC
I have successfully started two businesses that have thrived locally. Although I look young, I have ten years of experience in medical field and working with helping other succeed. I also help keep students motivated and set realistic goals in order to graduate from high school and college. I have helped many students start and succeed in several grades from 9th to college levels. I am not a tutor, but a motivator. I have spent several years as a teacher for a local college as well, having attended a few colleges to earn my multiple credentials.

Fee description

Fees: from $45 USD to $150 USD

Based on time and need and type of session. Below are the cost for 60 minutes of coaching:
Online: $45
Face-to-Face: $150
Phone: $60


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