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Susie Arnett

Career and Business expert 
Lenox, Massachusetts, United States
I help you decode complexity and assess situations accurately so you can make good decisions.

About me

Having spent almost 15 years in the television industry plus 6 in the non-profit sector, I've learned firsthand how to operate in high-stress, complex and difficult work environments. My desire to support people in working in an enjoyable way led me to train with Tal Ben Shahar, Harvard's leading teacher in positive psychology. Also, knowing how important systems are, I've studied Family Constellations, which helps me understand the larger petri dish in which my clients are swimming. And having spent many years in one of the top neurofeedback clinics in the country, I am able to bring an understanding of brain function to my practice. Combining an understanding of the brain, of systems, and of positive psychology with my deep knowledge of the workplace makes me an effective support to my clients.

Also, my personal transitions - of divorce and changing careers plus transitioning from full-time work to the mommy track and back to work - give me great understanding for people - especially women - who are on those journeys.

Coaching with me

Greater clarity and understanding of self and others.
Action steps to create change.
I work very intuitively and pull from a variety of modalities. Sometimes, when someone comes with an issue, we need to look at the body, at diet, at lifestyle choices as well as the content of the situation. There's always more going on than just the issue at hand so I am part detective in my approach to get underneath the surface symptom to the deeper, more foundational pressures at play. Because of my broad knowledge base, I work with my client holistically and we are a team to improve life on every level.


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My sessions are one hour long and will be a combination of cutting edge neuroscience, systems theory and positive psychology. I work with the brain, with the individual psyche and also the larger group that you operate within. Working at all three levels helps us create effective and relevant interventions that will make a difference.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • BA, Philosophy, Georgetown University
  • Certificate in Positive Psychology
  • Family Constellations Training
  • Neurofeedback Certification
For over 15 years, I worked in the television business for networks like HBO, Lifetime, MTV and Universal. After that, I went into the retreat center business because I am passionate about transformation. So I have worked for both the Omega Institute and the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. Also, my own personal journey has led me to an incredible variety of teachers that have broadened my knowledge base. I have been lucky enough to study with Peter Bregman, Byron Katie, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and many others.

Fee description

Fees: from $150 USD to $300 USD

For individuals, I charge $150 per hour or for corporate clients, I charge $300 per hour. I offer discounts for packages of sessions.


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