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5 Daily Team Building Tips

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Build up your team in new and creative ways

1. Continue working groups from groups formed at team building events.

Do your best to choose groups at team building events if possible. Create groups of individuals who may not generally associate together at the office. Continuing these groups into working groups will broaden the team's understanding of each other's strengths in the practical office environment.

If work groups are not possible in your environment, try creating team building groups from existing direct co-workers.


2. Use personality assessment results to remind staff of individual strengths and weaknesses of others.

Using a personality assessment as a team building event provides both personal and professional value to the employees. The framework acquired through personality assessment can be invoked at any time to provide better interpersonal understanding and appreciation. Could there be ways to engage the staff based on their personality assessment scores? Use the framework of the personality assessment to assist staff members in mitigating their disputes.

3. Communicate

Communication is the cornerstone of team building. Stretch yourself. If you have previously been one who does not engage in communication with the team, try to engage at least one new person a day. If your ability to communicate is not in question, support the team by engaging those who have more difficulty.

Communication does not have to be restricted to verbal communication. Leave positive notes for staff members.

4. Add a dose of fun

Think about the personalities on your team. Fun can take many forms. The sense of humor and level of professionalism of the office will steer the final product. Give the team something to talk about with a humorous work related cartoon taped to the water cooler, or start a meeting off with each person stating what they would do if it were their day off. A small amount of fun each day can help the members of the team reduce their stress. The possibilities are endless.

5. Take the time to acknowledge

Low office morale is a result of many factors. One of the silent contributing factors is often the lack of acknowledgement. Each employee has a variety of tasks they must perform for the benefit of the business. Not all tasks are glamorous. Acknowledge the small things people do everyday to help them feel a sense of purpose. Imagine how your day would be different without someone making coffee, ordering paper, or printing the pay cheques.


Team building continues after an event. Keeping morale high and a maintaining productive efficient team requires daily effort. Everyone has a part to play in the team's success. Ask yourself: "What can I do that will make my team work better together?"

Team building events must be supported by ongoing team building activities to receive the best value. The best teams work efficiently with each other because they trust and respect each other. Find ways to encourage morale in the office by encouraging communication and stress-reducing fun. A more cohesive team will increase productivity and create a better environment for all.





  • Cherry Macapagal
    April 11, 2013

    I love this article! My company has a huge sales force and we regularly have team building events to strengthen morale and boost sales. I will definitely be taking these ideas into account at the next committee meeting to discuss our upcoming outing!

  • Madeline Sison
    April 16, 2013

    Yup, I agree that the facilitators of the team building event should choose the teams. This will enable a good mix amongst those from differing departments, age groups, positions and many more. Not only will colleagues be able to interact with those whom they don't usually work with, it will also foster a strong bond amongst those involved.

  • Joe K.
    April 30, 2013

    I have a small team of engineers under me and I think these 5 tips are a great way to motive them! Reading this article got me thinking about ways to incorporate these tips into a team building activity or game--something that can take place in the office, perhaps over a working lunch. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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