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Course Topics that Will Get You More Clients

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Promoting hot and sexy course topics will attract extra clients to your life coaching business.

It doesn’t matter how gifted you are as a life coach; building your coaching business can be hard work. That is why there are so many tips and tools available to you to help you take your life coaching to a whole new level.

Many tips and tricks for building a life coaching business can only get you so far. The content of your courses may be amazing, but if you aren’t attracting new clients, your coaching business cannot grow. Putting out content that appeals to and is beneficial for many people is a great way to attract more clients to your growing business.

Courses that are short, fun, and simple are a great way to attract more clients. If you create courses that are not only enjoyable but also deal with topics that people already want to learn about, you are setting yourself up to really grow your coaching business. The following are just a few course topic ideas for fun and in-demand classes that can really help your life coaching business to blossom.


Relationships are one of the big things that people want help with. Some need help with existing relationships, but many can use a little (or a lot) of coaching to help them meet someone who could turn out to be something special. You can teach them how to do that.
In this quick course, you could start by doing some self-esteem building.  Help your students identify types of people that are appropriate, likely mates. Then you can teach methods that your clients can use to approach strangers and start conversations; offering tactics to help them ask others out is helpful too.



Again, many people seek life coaching because they are struggling to lose weight or improve their fitness level. The biggest struggle for many, it seems, is actually getting to the gym or doing a work out. Many want to lose weight or become more fit and healthy, but a great proportion of these people lack the motivation and want help.

You could teach motivational strategies in this course. Guide students to create mantras that are tailored to their goals, teach them self-hypnosis NLP techniques, and educate them about different methods they can use to track their progress and feel more encouraged. You should supplement your course with materials that outline all of the positive benefits of a healthy diet and a fitness regimen to remind your students how important their weight loss and fitness goals are.


A lot of people have difficulties with their relationships. While more and more people are getting divorced all the time, many opt to take steps to strengthen their existing relationships and to do whatever they can to keep their marriage healthy. These people could really benefit from the help of a life coach to make their marriage even stronger.

You can teach this group strategies that can bolster their existing relationships. This course’s content could be to teach communication and listening exercises. You could let your students learn tactics that can help reduce fights and increase patience, tolerance, and understanding between spouses. Additionally, this course could provide your clients with tactics to help restore romance and bring back any intimacy that may be missing.


Of course, these three topics aren’t the only course ideas you could use to attract more clients. Brainstorm about popular topics that you are knowledgeable about to come up with other fun, quick, and easy classes you can use to build up your client base. Just be sure to keep class content light and enjoyable, full of quick almost bite sized lessons. The more fun you can make learning, the better it will be for your clients and for your bottom line.


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  • Coach Ruth Randall
    Ruth Randall
    July 11, 2014

    These are all great suggestions. Thank you. Would you do this as one to one or group sessions?

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