What coaching forms and tools are available for coaching my clients?


Our online coaching software offers a wide variety of tools and forms to maximize your time, profits and enjoyment in running your coaching business. These help you to be more effective in your coaching, and allow you to stay more organized as your practice grows. You and your coaching business have access to the following great coaching tools:

  • Smart, easy to fill out fill out coaching plans and coaching plan follow-ups for before and after your sessions. Automate and revolutionize the way you send out your regular coaching plans through our system. Everything is ready for you—you can customize our forms or use our default—just wait for your clients to easily submit their plans to you so you can prepare for each session before it starts. You can even comment on your client's plans for the session before it starts, getting the coaching ball rolling in advance. After your session, your client can submit their follow-up to consolidate your work together.
  • Extensive coaching notes for both you and your client, with the built-in ability to create action items and other coaching tools. Effortless ability to send coaching session summaries to your clients after your session. The system also lets you and your clients leave comments and responses to keep communication easy and effortless.
  • Journaling as a coaching tool. You can assign journal topics, see how your clients respond, and leave comments.
  • Coaching action items for your clients to help you become your client's accountability partner that either you or your client can create.
  • Smart and efficient goal-setting and goal-tracking with your clients.
  • The ability to create endless custom forms and interactive coaching forms and assessments to map their progress.
  • The ability to create or upload resources and documents for your clients.
  • The ability to administer feedback surveys to get immediate and pertinent feedback on your coaching.

All tools are recorded in your client file, providing a living document of your coaching relationship, easily searchable so you keep your client's agenda accessible at all times. All tools are also rich with interactivity and commenting ability.

You can also easily re-use your documents, forms, journal topics and other tools with different clients, courses and groups. Everything is stored securely in your library, accessible from Coaching and Course Tools, and is only made accessibly to your client or course when you grant permission by assigning it from the client or course management page.

You can create unlimited tools in each category. We also pre-load your dashboard with useful tools you can choose to use as-is, edit or delete, such as sample journal topics, Work/Life Balance and other assessments, and the Wheel of Life and other resources.

All your tools are accessible from the links under "Manage Clients & Coaching" in your dashboard menu. Choose Coaching and Course Tools to create your tools. Choose Client and Coaching Management and Course Management to administer your current clients and courses. You can also easily keep track of all your notes, tools and appointments on one easy page with the Progress Stream.


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