How do I keep track of my client data, session notes, and progress?



Our coaching software offers a secure, private, and endlessly accessible way to store confidential client data, and track a client's progress over time.

In Client and Coaching Management, each of your client's is listed alphabetically. Here is where their personal client files are stored.

  • Client Settings page
    • Client Details tab.: You'll find when your client became active, when they started their current coaching package with you, as well as their location , time zone and email. You will also see their status listed as Active or Inactive. You can manually edit this at any time.
    • Courses tab: You'll find a record of any courses or group coaching your client has attended.
    • Coaching Tools Settings: If you're not going to use all the tools in your coaching toolkit (such as journaling, goals and action items), you can turn them on and off from the Coaching Tool Settings tab.
  • Client Portrait page
    • Personal information tab: This displays your client's details as submitted in their Welcome Package. You'll find here your client's contact details, birthday, and other significant information you'd like to remember, like chidren's names and hobbies. You can edit this form from the Welcome Package Forms tab of Coaching and Course Tools to make it completely personalized in your Welcome Package material.
    • Coaching Information tab: This displays intake material from your Welcome Package. These are questions designed to have your client reflect on what they would like to achieve through your coaching together. You form from the Welcome Package Forms tab of Coaching and Course Tools to make it completely personalized in your Welcome Package material.
  • Client documents and notes
    • Client documents: If your client sends you files outside of one of the coaching tools, you have an easy place to store that information. For instance, your client may send you a resume to comment on, a pro and con list about a decision, or scan a resource they have completed for your viewing. You can upload documents here, as well as view and download any saved documents.
    • Ad hoc client notes: If you have ideas or notes about your client you can to jot down in between sessions, you can do so on this page.
  • Appointments and coaching notes
    • Coaching Plan and Notes from the Session: This page displays all sessions you've had with your client, after you make appointments. The link under each appointment that says Coaching Plan and Notes from the Session will drop down to allow you to view Coaching Plans submitted by your client, take Coaching Notes before, during and after your session, simply and easily create or assign coaching tools, and send session note summaries to your client after your session! You and your client can comment back and forth about your notes.
    • Post Session Summary and Coaching Tools for Client: You'll also be able to assign any of your coaching tools or create new ones, easily and while your coaching is fresh in your mind.
  • Journal
    • Your client journal entries are listed here. You can choose to view all of them, or just entries for a specific journal. Your client also has the option of posting private entries--in this case you'll see your client made an entry, but not what it said. You and your client can comment back and forth on every entry, and all this data is recorded, with the easy ability to Search for a specific keyword or phrase, to help you keep thoroughly in tune with your client's progress.
  • Action items
    • During your coaching sessions, or in between them, either you or your client can create Action Items. They will then post progress reports, letting you know how they are doing, and helping you be their accountability partner. They can also mark any action as completed! The Action Item page of your client's file in Client and Coaching Management will display all your client's action items and progress reports as well as all the comments you've each made. These are sorted by last client activity, so you can easily track where your client is progressing, and where they are stuck. You can Filter by status as well, or Search for a specific keyword or phrase, so you never lose track of everything your client has been doing, to help acknowledge their successes and keep track of milestones.
  • Goals
    • Whereas Action Items are often taken after each coaching session, Goals are longer term projects your client is aiming towards, created by either you or your client. The Goals page in your client's file in Client and Coaching Management is where you can see all your client's goals, as well as their status. Like Action Items, these are arranged by last client activity, so you can easily track your client's progress towards their goals, and where they need extra support. All your client's progress reports and every comment is recorded on this page.
  • Assessments, Forms and Resources
    • Assessments and Forms: You can create unlimited forms and interactive coaching surveys and assessments, helping you effortlessly gauge the gap between where your client is at and where they want to be. All comments and completed forms and assessments as well as any comments you and your client make are stored on this page. They are arranged in terms of status and activity, to keep track of progress easily.
    • Resources: Easily store and keep track of any additional resource or document you assign to your clients from this tab.
  • Feedback Surveys
    • You can create unlmited custom feedback surveys, which you can use to track your client's satisfaction with your coaching. These, as well as any comments, are stored in your client's file on the Feedback page.
  • Invoices
    • The Invoices page of your client file stores all billing details for your client.
  • Easy management from your Progress Stream
    • To simplify the day to day management of all your coaching clients, we also offer the Progress Stream, where you can view and comment on all your appointments, coaching notes and coaching tools in one place.

Every Aspect of Your Coaching Relationship Preserved

We keep track of every part of your coaching relationship so you don't have to juggle multiple tracks of data in different places. Everything is recorded in a living document of your coaching relationship that is infinitely searchable, providing you with an amazing ability to keep at hand key details in your client's progress, allowing you to provide outrageous service, accountability, trust and respect for your client.

Secure and Private

Furthermore, we are backed by an organization-level verified, 256 bit advanced encryption standard, multiple off-site backups and privacy controls so you can rest confident that your client data is safe and secure.

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