What are the benefits of the LCH coaching software and admin system?

I'm a new coach. Can I coach using LCH coaching software and list myself in the directory?

Yes! Life Coach Hub offers a turnkey system for launching a coaching business. This is the absolute perfect time to make use of LCH coaching software. You can make a name for yourself, start getting new clients, cut down on administration costs, save time, build up a system of coaching tools.    Read more...

Can I coach my pre-existing clients using LCH coaching software?

Yes, absolutely. Just invite them from the Welcome page in your dashboard, under Invite Others.    Read more...

I am already coaching. What can LCH coaching software offer me?

LCH coaching software offers a fantastic way to get more out of your coaching, work fewer hours, make more money, and deliver a higher quality service to your clients,    Read more...

How does coaching using LCH coaching software create added value for my clients?

Coaching using LCH coaching software allows you to create added value for your clients by offering journaling, tracking goals, assigning homework and action items, and using coaching assessments.    Read more...

How does LCH coaching software save me time and hassle?

Coach using LCH coaching software to cut down on your administrative hassles and win back time.    Read more...

How does LCH coaching software help me expand my business?

LCH coaching software helps you expand your business by offering a wider range of services and information products. Offer courses and watch as your value-added material is delivered automatically to your clients as electronic modules.    Read more...

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