Getting listed in the coaching directory

How do I get listed in the coaching directory?

Start getting new clients by creating a directory listing. Your profile in the directory is the best way to get known and start attracting clients.    Read more...

How much does it cost to get listed in the coaching directory?

It's free to get listed in our coaching directory! Sign up and create your profile now in order to start gaining reputation and rankings on the site.    Read more...

Where will my profile appear in the directory?

Your profile will be listed in the directory according to a number of factors: the number of your reviews, and the number of original expert contributions (articles, tips and videos) you have added to the site.     Read more...

How do I submit coaching hours to show up on my profile?

After you sign up for one of our paid plans, you can send us your coaching hours prior to using Life Coach Hub, and these will appear on your profile as well!    Read more...

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