How do I use Coaching Plans and Coaching Notes with my private coaching clients?

Using Coaching Plans and Coaching Notes with your clients is easy. Just follow these simple steps.
  1. Click on your client's name under Client and Coaching Management to reveal the drop-down list. Click on Private, under Appointments and Coaching Notes. You can also access all your Coaching appointments and coaching notes from the Progress Stream that lets you plan coaching sessions, send coaching notes, assign coaching tools, and read and comment on client progress, all from one page!
  2. The list of your appointments with your client will show up, based on the appointments you have made together. If you don't have any appointments yet, click the button "Make an appointment."
  3. Click on the link Coaching Plan and Notes from the Session. It will drop down to reveal the following:
  • Client Preparation for the Upcoming Session. This shows the questions from your Coaching Plan, and your client's answers. You can comment on any answer and receive comments back from your client. Just click the Comment link.
  • Underneath the Coaching Plan is an area called My Plan and Private Notes from the Session. Before your session, you can prepare by noting the client's Current Focus, Goals and Possible Obstacles. During the session itself, you can create notes, and note down any Action Items the client commits to. You can also easily take note of Takeaways that the client has from the session, and any coaching tools you'd like to assign. You might even want to jot down some quick notes about your next session. All of these notes are completely private, and serve as a living record for your client's file.
  • You can effortlessly send a summary of your session to your client in the section called Post Session Summary and Coaching Tools for Client. Easily create or assign any tools you feel might be useful given your session from this section as well.
  • At the bottom is the Follow-up from the Session. This shows the questions from your Coaching plan Follow-up and your client's answers. Again, you can comment on any answer, and your client can comment back.

You can edit your Coaching Plan and Follow up Coaching Plan in the Welcome Package Forms tab of Coaching and Course Tools.

Adding notes outside of a coaching session

If you want to add coaching notes or documents outside of a specific session, you can do this as well. Just follow the instructions in these help articles:

Adding Coaching Notes Outside a Specific Session

Adding Documents to a Clients File


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