What are coaching requests and client leads?


One of the issues faced by many coaches is that it's hard to keep their practice full with a steady stream of clients. Signing up to get coaching request alerts can give you ongoing leads in your niche.

To receive client lead alerts, just visit your privacy settings page, located under Settings on your main menu. Choose to turn alerts on, and then select all the coaching specializations you'd like to receive alerts about.

When we get a coaching request which fits your specializations and other criteria, we'll send you a quick email with a complete client's description of their coaching needs and the kind of coach they're looking for, in their own words. If you choose to, you can gain access to their contact details by clicking on a link to pay a small fee of $10.

How many coaches can bid?

We give clients a choice to make sure they find a coach who is the best fit. But only the first four coaches who purchase this lead will receive the client's details.

Is this worth my investment? What is the ROI?

Since only first four coaches who purchase this lead will receive these details, you are well positioned to secure an ongoing client of $400/month and upwards (average monthly coaching costs) for a token sum of $10. Even if you only secure one in four of these clients, you’re looking at an ROI of 10 times on your investment ($40 for a $400 return) for a month of coaching, 120 times your investment for a year ($40 for a $4800 return). Even if you only have one paid session, you’ll more than cover yourself ($40 for an $80 session). As long as you’re one of the bidders, you should have an amazing ROI.

How likely will I get new clients?

It's highly likely you'll get clients the more that you bid for them. Not every client will choose you, but you're extremely likely to get a great return on your investment the more you bid, since the payment is very small and the fee for an ongoing client, or even one-off, far outweighs it.

How do I maximize my chances and get more clients?

The more you bid, the more clients you will have the chance to secure! Also make sure you have optimized your profile to present the most professional and comprehensive description of yourself, and write a sincere and engaging email when you receive the client's details.

How soon do I have to purchase the lead?

As long as the lead is available, you’ll be able to buy it. Once it becomes unavailable, when you click Purchase, you’ll be taken to a page explaining the lead maximum has been hit. Some leads go quickly, and others in less popular specializations are open for quite some time. Clients take their time considering which coach to choose, so if you feel you’re a good match, click the link to purchase.

How do I sign up?
If you're already registered, just follow these steps-
1. Visit your Privacy Settings page and turn Client Lead Emails to ON. Then select the coaching specializations you would like alerts about.
2. Make sure to add us to your Safe Sender list so that you get the leads!!

If you're not registered, just create a free account and choose the alerts you'd like to receive.


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