Getting clients

How do I get new clients?

Set yourself up to start getting new clients. Follow these simple tips...    Read more...

How do coaching requests work?

One of the issues faced by many coaches is that it's hard to keep their practice full with a steady stream of clients. Signing up to get coaching request alerts can give you ongoing leads in your niche.    Read more...

How does Life Coach Hub generate referrals and new clients for me?

Get new referrals and clients on Life Coach Hub. Get listed in the directory and start getting noticed. Attract prospective clients by offering an Initial Free Coaching call that is easy to book, and will create solid leads. Sign up for Coaching Request alerts to get leads sent directly to your inbox.    Read more...

How does Life Coach Hub increase my reputation as a coach?

Use Life Coach Hub to build up a solid reputation in your niche by writing articles and coaching tips in your niche areas so people recognize you as an expert in your field.    Read more...

How do I earn coaching hours to show up on my profile?

To earn coaching hours all you have to do is use our online coaching system to schedule, administer and coach your clients. Start racking up hours now to push you to the top of the directory and really shine!    Read more...

How do I keep clients for longer?

With a higher level of engagement, your clients will stay clients longer, so you can spend less time chasing new leads and more time coaching for great results.    Read more...

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