How do I keep clients for longer?


Life Coach Hub offers the most interactive coaching administration sysem. You can:

  • Send coaching plans automatically and respond easily to your client's plans and reflections.
  • Send coaching session notes with the click of a button.
  • Assign coaching tools for greater coaching insight such as journals, goals, action items, forms and assessments.
  • Comment back and forth on all coaching tools.

Sometimes in coaching, clients drop off because they don't see progress in what they are achieving. Interactive features like these let you:

  • Track progress, so clients can see what they are accomplshing,
  • Keep a living log for both you and your client of your interactions,
  • Respond quickly in between sessions to keep clients on track and inspired by your attention.

With a higher level of engagement, your clients will stay clients longer, so you can spend less time chasing new leads and more time coaching for great results.


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