Client management

How do I keep track of my client data, session notes, and progress?

Our coaching software offers a secure, private, and endlessly accessible way to store confidential client data, and track a client's progress over time.    Read more...

Are my client's previous answers and progress reports archived?

Yes. All your client information is stored securely and completely accessible, so you can return and review where your client was a month, a year or five years ago!    Read more...

How do I give access to my existing clients to coach with me?

You can easily invite existing clients in any of your coaching or courses from the Welcome page of your dashboard. You can even enroll clients directly.    Read more...

How do I enroll my paid or pro bono clients to coach with me?

You can easily add existing paid and pro bono clients to any of your coaching or courses from the Welcome page of your dashboard.    Read more...

How do I change my client's coaching offering or add them to a different one?

It's easy to end one coaching offering with a client before it expires and add them to a new one. Here's how...    Read more...

How do I deactivate a client?

Deactivating a client manually is very simple. 1. In Client and Coaching Management, expand your client's name on the left hand column. 2. Click on Client Settings, then Edit. Choose Inactive and Save. 3. Your client is now deactivated.    Read more...

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