How does coaching using LCH coaching software work?


Using Life Coach Hub's online coaching software is easy and intuitive. The system you'll use is rich with coaching tools and optimized for running a profitable and enjoyable coaching business. Our proprietary coaching software system will give you exclusive access to the following:

  • Clients who can access you easily. New clients can contact you, request an initial consultation, or just purchase your coaching from your shop.
  • A client management portal you can access at any time. This is where you can review your clients' personal and coaching information.
  • A convenient calendar that automatically schedules appointments for you with your clients and fills in repeating appointments. You and your client are also alerted when any changes to the calendar are made.
  • Easy to fill out coaching plans and follow-ups. Extensive coaching notes for both you and your client, with the built-in ability to create action items and other coaching tools. Effortless ability to send coaching session summaries to your clients. The system also lets you and your clients leave comments and responses to keep communication easy and effortless.

Here's what happens when a client starts their coaching journey with you.

  1. After your initial discovery session with a new client, invite them to purchase a coaching offering from your catalog of offerings. Or you can add your existing clients directly to your coaching offerings or courses by inviting them.
  2. Once they have become your client, they will receive your welcome package and agreement and fill in their personal information form and coaching information form. The coaching information form allows you to get an overview of the areas of strength and challenge for your client, so you can focus your coaching. You can customize both personal and coaching information forms. After your client submits the forms from their welcome package, you will be able to access their personal and coaching information at any time for easy reference from the Client Portrait tab of your client file in Client and Coaching Management.
  3. You can then schedule single or repeating appointments. Both you and client will be alerted to your upcoming appointments, and any changes or cancellations. Appointments will be automatically adjusted for your respective time zones.
  4. Your client can submit a coaching plan before each of your sessions together and a follow-up after. These allow you to keep your coaching targeted and on track. You can add comments, and client can also comment in response.
  5. Prepare for your session on the Appointments and Coaching notes tab of your client file, by taking note of your client's current focus, goals and possible obstacles.
  6. During your session, take coaching session notes to keep you and your client on track towards their goals, and create a living record. You can also take note of possible action items and plan the coaching tools you are going to assign and ideas for your next session. Easily send a session summary to your client after your session.
  7. During or after your session, it's a breeze to assign coaching tools to help your clients reach success faster and get more from the coaching process. Try assigning journal topics, action items, goals, assessments and resources. Each coaching tool allows you to motivate, focus and progress your clients more efficiently and effectively.
  8. From their Coaching Pad, your client can also take notes during your session, keeping them engaged, as well as creating action items based on your session.
  9. Monitor your coaching by creating customized feedback surveys, helping you keep your coaching right on track.

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