How do I get listed in the coaching directory?


Start getting new clients by creating a directory listing. Your profile in the directory is the best way to get known and start attracting clients.


To get listed in the directory, all you need to do is fill in your profile information. Select Profile from the Profile & Settings drop-down in your main dashboard menu.

On the Profile page, there are two tabs. Make sure to complete the information on both tabs, and be as complete as possible in your responses to help you attract clients.

Searchable Information Tab

The searchable information tab asks for the information prospective clients will be searching for from the Find a Coach directory page. 

Where it says Types of Offerings, tick each relevant box and then fill in a short description explaining the types of offerings of that variety that you provide.

Private coaching is regular one-on-one coaching that can take place over the phone or in person.

Online coaching takes place completely online.

Short courses or group coaching might be either group coaching sessions with group coaching calls, or courses that deliver information in modules at pre-scheduled times.

Ongoing training refers to training you might offer that lasts a significant amount of time and might confer some type of credential upon completion. For instance, you might offer coach training or business training.

Profile Image Tab

The profile image information tab allows you to upload an image of yourself. To attract clients, make sure it's a really great, professional-quality image. You should look relaxed and confident, and portray yourself at your best. It's important this image does not look like a snapshot or cell phone shot. Your profile image is probably the single most important reason people click on your listing, so make sure you choose it well!

You'll be able to crop the image to fit the dimensions of your profile image using the image tool.

Description Tab

The description tab asks for information that will complete your profile page, and allow clients to get a sense of who you are, what your background is, and how you coach. Make sure to fill this information in as fully as possible to give a good sense of who you are to prospective clients.


You can choose to add premium marketing features to your profile such as:

  • Links to your website and social media pages.
  • Extra areas of specialization.
  • Featured status across one or more categories.

You can also opt for low cost advertising solutions.


You can view your profile by clicking the View Coach Profile link on the left hand side menu.


Your profile will display automatically once you have completed 40% of the information.

How high up YOUR PROFILE gets listed in the directory

Your profile will be listed in the directory according to a number of factors: the number of your coaching hours, the number of your reviews, your shop items and original expert contributions (articles, tips and videos), and if you have opted for Featured status. To increase your visibility on the site you should:

  1. Be sure to start scheduling appointments with your current clients using our online coaching system. This will let you rack up coaching hours which will appear on your profile, boosting you higher in the directory, and helping you stand out in searches. Clients are looking for coaches who can prove their expertise, and by coaching through our system you demonstrate every hour earned. You can easily invite your existing and pro bono clients. As a bonus, you get to use all of the system's coaching tools!
  2. Get your clients to submit reviews for you. Just give them the URL for your profile. It only takes a minute and will make a real difference to you generating new leads.
  3. Consider upgrading to some of our premium marketing features. Just navigate to My Account under Settings and choose some of the low cost Marketing Add Ons available.
  4. Make sure to create some coaching offerings, courses, products and services to list in your Shop. Then submit original content in the form of articles, tips and videos. You can rewrite content you have on your own blog, but just make sure the expression is 100% original (search engines penalize websites that display duplicate content).

Follow these tips and your profile will appear further up in search results, guaranteeing you more visits and client leads.

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