How do I submit an article?


First, log into your account (you need to have a coach account). To submit your article, choose Articles from the drop-down menu under Expert contributions.

  1. Select the Submit an Article tab.
    • Enter your article title. Aim for something catchy but also descriptive. Aim for a title that will speak directly to your audience, and show them you are providing solutions to a pressing need; for example: 5 Powerful Employee Engagement Tips You can Start Implementing Right Now.
    • Enter a short summary. This will appear on the listings page, so make it punchy so people want to click through to read your article. Again, use "you" and "your" when writing this, so that you are talking directly to your audience.
    • Enter your article text. It's a good idea to write it in a Word Processor and then cut and paste into the text box so you have a backup copy. Make sure it's all original content that hasn't been published elsewhere, even your own blog. You can use ideas you have written about before, but the expression itself needs to be 100% original (Why? Search engines penalize websites for displaying duplicate content, including your own!)
    • It's a good idea to include headings to break up your content. Highlight the heading and select H2 so that it's identified correctly. Use short paragraphs, as well as bullets and numbering throughout, to make your article easy to read.
    • Select a category for your article. This is the broad niche coaching area your article belongs to.
    • Write a few tags. These are short keywords that capture main ideas, people, places or things in your article. For instance, if you write an article giving tips for women balancing their careers and home life for the category work/life balance, your tags might be: women, career, children, working mothers.
  2. You can either save your article as a Draft and come back to to work on it later, or you can select Submit.
  3. After you submit your article, check the Status column to find out when it's been approved, or when it will be published. After it's been approved, you can see how many Views you have. Increase your views (and people seeing your profile) by clicking the Share link—share your article on Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Google Plus and social bookmarking sites. This is another great way to gain exposure and referrals. Also make sure your Google Plus profile is linked to your Life Coach Hub profile so that your image and authorship is attributed to your posts in Google search results, for greater click-through appeal.
  4. If your article says "Resubmit" it means that it's not original content. We'd still love to share your advice, but we'd like you to rewrite it so that the expression is original. Remember, search engines will penalize websites who host duplicate content—even your own! So that means you should keep the content on each website you publish for, and your own blog, unique and fresh. This doesn't have to be difficult. You can use the same ideas and just repurpose the content, using fresh writing and language, on your blog as well as in tips, articles and videos for your profile.
  5. Your articles will also all be listed on your Article Summary page, which is like your own personal blog. Click the Share icon on this page to create even more exposure for yourself.

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