How do I get started coaching?

  1. Make sure we have your payment information on file so your offering can be listed for sale. Go to the Payments Settings tab in Settings (under Profile & Settings in your drop-down Dashboard menu) and complete the simple procedure listed. Once you do so, your coaching offering will appear in the shop listings and clients can start purchasing it! You can, of course,  enroll existing clients in your coaching and courses directly, but we still need your payment information so that if someone wants to buy your items, you get paid!
  2. Add a new coaching offering (click Billing & Shop in your main menu).
  3. Input your coaching call procedure in the Coaching Settings tab in Settings (in your main menu). Most coaches provide a number their clients can call them on and/or a Skype name, and brief instructions describing what to do if the line is busy.
  4. Tailor your welcome package in Coaching and Course Tools (under Manage Clients & Coaching in your main menu. Your welcome package will be sent out automatically to clients as soon as they purchase coaching with you. We have included default forms you are very welcome to use, or you might want to edit this material in any way you'd like.
  5. Tailor your Coaching plan and Follow-up if you'd like. Feel free to start creating Assessments and Forms, Action items and Journal topics to assign to your clients. These add real value to your coaching clients and get them geared up about your services. All these forms are available in Coaching and Course tools.
  6. Invite your current clients to start coaching with you on Life Coach Hub. You can enroll clients directly in your coaching and courses, or invite them to buy the item.
  7. Start scheduling your appointments with all your existing clients using the online coaching system.
  8. Prepare for your session on the Appointments and Coaching notes tab of your client file, by taking note of your client's current focus, goals and possible obstacles. During your session, take coaching session notes to keep you and your client on track towards their goals, and create a living coaching record. You can also take note of possible action items and ideas for your next session.
  9. From this convenient dashboard, you can easily assign any coaching tools relevant to issues that surface during your session. After the session, effortlessly send a summary to your client, if you'd like.

Consider creating Content Delivery courses and Group Coaching, to expand your offerings and free up more time!

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