How do I enroll my existing clients?


You can easily invite existing clients in any of your coaching or courses from the Welcome page of your dashboard. You can even enroll clients directly.

  • If your client has already paid in the form of a cheque or other method, or if they are pro bono, you can enrol them directly in the coaching offering or course. Click the link that says "Invite existing and potential clients and others to join you on Life Coach Hub" in the Invite Clients box of your dashboard. Under Who do you want to invite?, select "I'd like to add a client directly to one of my current courses of coaching offerings" if you'd like your client to be enrolled in a specific offering. Select "I'd like to add a client directly as an ongoing client, not associated with any specific offering." Your client will receive an invitation by email and will just need to click the link to access your coaching or course (after logging in or registering).
  • If your client hasn't paid, then select "I'd like to invite a client, and they'll pay securely through my Shop" from the drop-down menu under Who do you want to invite? Your client will receive an invitation email with a link to the item in your Shop which they will be able to purchase.

Note: Make sure you put Life Coach Hub on your Safe Sender email list so that you are sure to receive important emails.

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