How can I market myself to reach more clients?


There are lots of great ways to market yourself on Life Coach Hub to attract more clients, reach a wider audience.

  1. Activate some of the extra marketing features available to coaches on your account settings page. You can add extra specializations, direct links, and even featured status to your listing. Just login to your account, and navigate to My Account under Settings.
  2. Choose a low cost advertising solution aimed at clients or coaches. Just navigate to our Advertising page to purchase your selection. Drop us a line if you have questions or need a recommendation.
  3. The more coaching hours you have, the higher up you'll appear in the directory. You'll also be demonstrating your expert experience reliably and authoritatively to your prospective clients. To gain coaching hours all you need to do is use your online coaching system to coach your clients. Every hour of coaching calls counts on your profile!
  4. Get your clients to submit reviews of your coaching. It only takes a minute for them to do, and will really make an impact on your visibility in the directory. The more reviews you have, the higher up you will appear in the listings!
  5. Position yourself as an expert in your niche by writing about what you know. The more you can showcase your coaching expertise, the better you are positioned to gain new clients. Write articles and quick coaching tips to demonstrate your expertise within your niche areas and gain a following. All expert contributions are linked to your profile and optimized for search engine visibility.
  6. Share your profile page, articles and tips on Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Google Plus and social bookmarking sites. Just click the Share icon on each page. This is another great way to gain exposure and referrals. Also make sure your Google Plus profile is linked to your Life Coach Hub profile This will make your contributions rank higher and be more prominent in Google's search engine results, which is a huge marketing boost. Select Profile from the Profile & Settings drop-down menu, then choose the Description tab. At the bottom there are simple instructions to follow.
  7. Your articles and tips will also all be listed on your Article Summary and Coaching Tips pages, which are like your own personal blog. Click the Share link on these pages to create even more exposure for yourself.
  8. Make sure to sign up for Coaching Request Client leads. You'll be delivered requests from interested clients direct to your email. Just visit your privacy settings page, located under Settings on your main menu. Choose to turn alerts on, and then select all the coaching specializations you'd like to receive alerts about.

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