I'm a new coach. Can I coach using LCH coaching software and list myself in the directory?


Yes! Life Coach Hub offers a turnkey system for launching a coaching business. This is the absolute perfect time to make use of LCH coaching software.

You can start getting new clients, cut down on administration costs, save time, build up a system of coaching tools, and deliver extraordinary value to your clients, right from the start of your coaching career.

Create a turnkey coaching business from the start.

  • We provide you with a welcome package and agreement, client intake forms, coaching plans, coaching assessments and forms, journal topics, and more.  You can use these as-is or edit them as you like.
  • Open up your business with everything already in place: secure payments, appointment scheduling, coaching forms, coaching tools and plans, progress tracking. You'll be ahead of the game from the get-go.

Cut down on your administrative hassles and win back time.

  • Automate all aspects of your coaching administration such as appointments, invoicing and coaching call preparation, so you have more time to spend coaching your clients.
  • Save and re-use coaching plans, assessments, journal topics and feedback surveys cutting down on hours of work.
  • Keep all your coaching notes in a secure and easily searchable client file. Send out coaching notes effortlessly with the click of a button.

Expand your business by offering a wider range of services and information products.

  • Offer courses and watch as your value-added material is delivered automatically to your clients as electronic modules.
  • Create e-books and audio recordings, and offer services such as speaking fees, workshops and tickets to other events.
  • Offer group coaching (packaged as courses) and online coaching so that you can appeal to more people a lower price point.

Get new referrals and clients.

  • Get listed in the directory and start getting noticed
  • Attract prospective clients by offering an Initial Free Coaching call that is easy to book, and will create solid leads.

Create added value for your clients

  • Use power coaching tools such as journaling, goal tracking, action items, and coaching assessments and forms. These are simple to administer and are proven to help your coaching clients get more out of their coaching relationship with you.
  • Deliver master coach level interactivity and accountabiity with ease and confidence, even as a new coach.

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