How does coaching using LCH coaching software create added value for my clients?


Coaching using LCH coaching software allows you to create added value for your clients in a number of pivotal ways, allowing you to retain clients longer, and receive more referrals.

  • Deliver the best coaching. Use high powered coaching preparation and session notes to keep you and your client in tune with your coaching journey every step of the way. Create a living record of all your coaching interactions for proof of the value-added service you are providing, at master coach level.
  • Create the greatest results. Use coaching power tools such as action items, goal tracking, journaling, and coaching assessments. These are simple to administer and automate, and are proven to help your coaching clients get more out of their coaching relationship with you. They're also completely interactive, allowing you to engage in the type of online commenting and feedback expected in today's Internet society.
  • Keep accountability on track. Be fully partnered with your client by taking account of their progress towards actions they commit to. Action items, goals, and all other tools offer easy progress tracking, providing a measurable track record of your coaching journey.
  • Be fully present and attentive. Keep totally in tune with all your client needs, milestones and progress points at every step of the way. Every detail is recorded for you in your client file so you are always on top of who your client really is. Respond easily in-between sessions with a short acknowledgment to keep your clients fully aware of your coaching presence.

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