How do I use goals with my coaching clients?


Goal tracking is easy and enjoyable. Either you or your client can set goals. Your client can post progress reports, making it easy for you to be an accountability partner.

Creating Goals

  1. You can create goals in one of two ways.
    • During a session, you can assign or create a new goal, from the page where you take your session notes, the Appointments and Coaching notes page of Client and Coaching management (under Manage Clients & Courses). Just above where you send a session summary of your session, select or create a new goal. You can also use your super-convenient Progress Stream that lets you plan coaching sessions, send coaching notes, assign coaching tools, and read and comment on client progress, all from one page!
    • You can also create or assign goals from the Goals tab in your client file in Client and Coaching Management.
  2. Your client can also easily create their own goals from the My Goals tab in their Coaching Pad.

How do I read and respond to goal progress reports?

  • Your client will update the status and add details of their progress toward their goals from their dashboard. You can view these from the Goals tab in your client file in Client and Coaching Management.
  • Click "View progress" on the goal to review the details your client has provided about their progress, any setbacks they have encountered, and so on. When they have completed their goal, they can mark it as Achieved, which will be noted in their progress report, and change the status of the goal.
  • You can comment on any entry. Clients can comment back, and this way you can have a productive exchange regarding your clients' action plans, keeping them motivated and on track.

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