What tools are available for delivering my courses?


You have access to the same great range of coaching tools in your courses as you do for individual coaching. Assign a variety of these tools to create a value-added, interactive experience for your course members. Your course members can comment on each other's entries and posts, allowing for a rich coaching conversation that will move them towards their goals that much more quickly.

Journaling. Journaling allows you to assign thought-provoking topics for your course members to write about. Journaling has been shown to be effective in a number of regards, including providing focus, improving health, and reaching goals more quickly. You can assign topics, see how your course members respond, and leave comments.

Goal-tracking. Help your course members reach their goals faster. Chart and measure their progress toward success using the goals tool. Your course members can give you regular progress reports towards their goals, and read your comments, keeping them motivated and on track.

Homework and action items. Ask your course members to take action by assigning specific, measurable tasks and homework assignments. Relate these to your course work. Your course members will report on their homework progress, creating entries you can view and comment on.

Assessments and forms. Create your own assessments and forms to gather information about where your course members are and where they would like to be. Assessments take a reading of the current terrain-where your course members are at right now. They also allow you to plot a clear plan of action in your courses to see where your course members want to be and how you can help them get there.

Resources. You may have additional information you want to pass onto your course members. You can do this easily from your dashboard. Collect and keep track of the extra resources you send out regularly in one easy location. You can upload any kind of document, and you can even create resources yourself from scratch. Then just assign them to the courses you want.

Feedback surveys. Gather immediate feedback on what is working and what needs improvement in your courses so you can adjust accordingly, and keep your course members on the path to success. You can tailor individual surveys on all the criteria that are important to you, and re-use these multiple times.

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