Why should I offer courses?


Courses are a great way to offer your coaching services. You can use them to facilitate Group Coaching, allowing you to offer your services to a greater group of people, at a different price point. You can also offer Content Delivery courses which delivery our coaching material automatically, freeing up loads of time.

Group coaching

Group coaching lets you reach a larger audience, and also allows your course members to interact with each other, creating a rich, dynamic coaching experience for all. Offer group coaching by creating one or more courses. Your group coaching can take place completely online, or integrate traditional live interaction through group coaching calls.

Content Delivery courses

You can also offer Content Delivery courses, which allow you to offer your coaching as a form of information product, enabling you to earn a passive income. Just think of a topic that you know about, and break it up into several chunks, or "modules." Create these digital modules, or "E-Modules," easily from your dashboard, and choose a schedule for delivery. Now your course is ready to go, and anyone show signs up will automatically be delivered your content in a modular fashion, along with any coaching tools you have assigned. Offer your courses sequentially, allowing course members to join when it suits them and work through your material at their own pace. Feel free to experiment with the range of subject areas available. The possibiliites are endless.

Coach training

Consider offering training for those wanting to become coaches, or coaches needing to update their skills for accreditation. You can easily offer courses that will meet the International Coach Federation's criteria by including live coaching calls.


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