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Don't Settle For Less Than You Deserve!

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Don't settle for less than you deserve--convince yourself that you deserve success!

Updated Sept 28, 2022

What makes you settle for less than you deserve?

Every day I find people that are settling for less than they deserve. Why is that? Is it a lack of funding for that dream? Lack of inspirational ideas? Or is it just the way it is, the way it's always been, and the way it will always be?

Unfortunately, we as a society live in a negative world that feeds on itself making those with uncertainty feel weak and powerless to move forward and progress toward their dreams and goals. I grew up in a family that thought just like that. "This is just how things are."

Always settling for less because only the wealthy have the ability to achieve more, and that is the way it will always be. That was the story that I was led to believe for 20 years of my life. I was never given any real motivation or positive outlook that I can achieve anything that I desire. It took me another 10 years to discover the real answer as to why my family and most of my friends ended up settling.


Difficulties in overcoming roadblocks

The shock and the fear of the moment cause them to expect the worst and they become paralyzed at the moment instead of acknowledging the situation and preparing for a solution.

Life is not a fair player and likes to create some event or circumstance that always becomes a roadblock that each and every one of us must face. This is how we learn and grow.

However, most people allow these roadblocks to knock them off their feet. The shock and the fear of the moment cause them to expect the worst and they become paralyzed at the moment instead of acknowledging the situation and preparing for a solution. They become afraid and that fear sits with them unconsciously causing them to create a defensive wall for the fear of getting hit again.

This is what leads people to believe that this must be the way it is and it eventually causes them to quit or worse, never even start in the first place. I believe Bo Bennet said it best- “They are only partially living or at best living a partial life. Every Human being HAS the potential for greatness.”

Living in a Negative environment

So, why aren’t there more successful people in the world if we all carry the potential for greatness? Why aren't people hungry for the opportunity to live their dream? The answer… Because we live in such a negative environment.

Most people do not believe that their dream is even possible. We are fed that idea unconsciously from day one. We tend to hear these words a lot:

  • NO!
  • You can't do that!
  • That idea will never work.
  • Quit dreaming!

This only further instills the belief that their goals and dreams are unattainable and they become afraid of the vulnerabilities that are associated with pursuing that dream, which in turn causes a lack of motivation and interest to even take the first step. Pure and simple.

Your potential for greatness

Everyone can achieve greatness. It's not something that only a few select or those people born into wealthy families will ever taste. The way to achieve success/your dream is simple… Before you convince anyone else in the world to believe it, you have to convince yourself to believe it.

Otherwise, without belief, you will be led down the path of discouragement once you hit that inevitable roadblock and you will eventually give up. Most people that lack the belief that they can do it will end up quitting when they think they are going to tackle the next big idea. And they end up repeating this vicious cycle several times throughout their lifetime. Those who can't break free of that cycle will end up taking all of their ideas, inventions, stories, and greatness to the grave, thus taking away the chance to grow from such things.

Believing in your own success

The tip of the iceberg represents your knowledge, skills, and physical abilities. The part under the water represents your thoughts, beliefs, and values.

You must learn how to break that cycle and make the decision to go “ALL IN” physically, emotionally, and mentally, which allows you to start becoming the person you want to be and in turn create your own success.

When it comes to pursuing your dream there is no reason to have a backup plan B because it distracts from plan A. Julius Caesar said, "If you want to take the island, burn the boats." Because without your boat you have nowhere else to go except forward.

The last thing I want to touch on is something we are all guilty of. And that is the famous quote "Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover." 

I like what Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said: "If you look at a man the way that he is, he will remain the same. But if you look at him as if he were what he could be, then he will become what he should be."

Most people in today's society look at men and women as they are, and very few look at them for what they can become. If you were asked to imagine an iceberg floating in the water, most would say they see a giant cube of ice and forget that the mass of the iceberg is under water that they can't see.

The tip of the iceberg represents your knowledge, skills, and physical abilities. The part under the water represents your thoughts, beliefs, and values. What is interesting is that the tip is only 2% of the total mass and the part under water guessed it, 98%.

Yet our society mainly focuses on the 2% because it's a metric that they can see. What's even more interesting is that coincidentally 2% of our population controls 98% of the money. Why is that? Luck? Or did they figure out the magic formula for success?

So, If we strive to see the true potential of those, we as a society look down upon, not only will they become the people they were meant to become, but we will start to change our ways and step into the greatness that words cannot describe.

But it all must start with one person willing to take that leap of faith and discover for themselves that there is more to life than what they've been taught.


#1  How do you not settle for less than you deserve?

Overcoming your hurdles requires more than a shift of mindset but also a change in your behavior to improve. Here are more ways to stop settling for less than you deserve:

a. Stop making excuses for bad behavior.

b. Realize that you don’t need to accept all things in life.

c. Practice disagreeing on matters or situations you don’t agree with.

d. Recognize your own worth.

e. Set boundaries that none can cross without your approval.

f. Create a plan of action to have a better life and succeed. 

#2   Why do people just settle?

People often settle since they fear rejection or ending up alone. For example, in relationships, many people accept their fate and find it hard to walk away especially if they’ve been with someone for a long time. Sometimes, it also sends a sense of a “better than nothing” feeling may it be in romantic or friendly relationships, or in one’s career. 

#3 Why should I not settle?

It is our nature not to feel satisfied even when we achieve milestones. Thus, when we settle, we don’t stop looking or aspiring for the things we don’t have and need. These can lead to unhappiness and our mind wandering the “what-ifs” unless we act on them.


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