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How To Do a Coaching Assessment


Find out how to do a self assessment before you begin coaching.


Every form of coaching starts with a self assessment. Whether you are just looking into coaching, deciding what type of coaching, or getting ready for another coaching session - the starting point is always the same: Where do you stand?

For any form of growth or change to occur, a person first has to understand what they are trying to accomplish, what it means to them, and what the desired outcome is. Identifying what the real issues are and what's getting in the way is something we aren't always honest with ourselves about. There's where coaches come in. 



But a self assessment is always required to start. So let's begin at the beginning. 

  1. What issue is showing up in your life that has you frustrated, hurting, or upset enough to finally seek answers and change?
  2. Is that issue part of a bigger pattern of relationships, behavior, career or financial choices?
  3. How does that pattern keep showing up in your life and what have you tried to overcome it?
  4. Why did the things you tried not accomplish a permanent fix?
  5. Is the problem with yourself, or in someone else?
    • This is important because we can't change other people, only ourselves. If the problem is in someone else, then a new perspective is required.
    • What parts of the problem CAN you control or work with?
    • What things can YOU do to fix the problem?
    • In order for a solution to be found, the problem must first be within yourself and your abilities to fix. Your coach can help you define and identify this if it's an issue.
  6. What is your desired outcome for the situation at hand? The issue that has you in enough of an emotional state to finally seek answers. 
  7. What's your desired outcome for the pattern of behavior the issue creates?
  8. Why do you want change? What is it about the issue that's so intolerable that you are finally ready to face it?
  9. How ready are you to truly permanently fix it?
    • Are you willing to put resources towards a permanent solution for you?
    • Change takes time, energy, effort, learning, growing, money, and emotions. Are you finally ready to put the resources in to make a permanent change to better you and what you go through?
  10. How does the issue or pattern stop you—
    • From accomplishing your dreams and goals?
    • From being more loving and available to the people in your life?
    • From being healthy and relaxed?
    • From being able to be an active contributor at work and life?
  11. How much is the issue costing you - in fast food, or diet plans, stress, high blood pressure, bank fees, broken relationships, stress, anxiety, or unnecessary pressure? 


This is where coaching starts. It's where you begin to realize the answer to your original question - what's a coach and would they be able to help me?

Everyone struggles at some time in their life. Coaches provide numerous methods and solutions to the issues that keep you from being the best possible person you can be.

No, that isn't a lot of hype. Professionally, coaches spend their lives working with people to overcome issues just like yours. The stresses and anxieties that plague us, stress us, and keep us awake in the middle of the night. Coaches are trained to help us find what's causing these and take back our life from these things. 

If you answered the self assessment questions above, you have a much clearer understanding of what's going on right now in your life and are ready to express what you need to your coach to get real value from the sessions and methods your coach provides.

If you answered yes, you are finally ready to put resources towards change and not just complain, you're ready to take the steps towards your new life. 

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  • Mirrayou
    September 03, 2014

    I am a new Life Coach and this information was very helpful!

  • Coach terri obrocki
    terri obrocki
    January 02, 2015

    nice post, Julie!

  • fgfunnels

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