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How Do I Get My Confidence Back?

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How to Gain More Self Confidence

Questions about confidence

  • How can i gain more self-confidence?
  • How can i achieve more certainty?
  • How can i overcome my lack of self-confidence or assurance?
  • Why can't I be more confident?
  • Why do i struggle with self-confidence?

Are these questions you have ever asked yourself?

Having self-confidence is that one amazing thing that separates those who live fulfilled exciting happy lives from those who live in fear or in fear of rejection and worry.


Gaining confidence takes time

The good news is that anyone can work on achieving a healthy self-confidence; the not so good news is that it takes time! If you are here looking for a quick fix to gain confidence, you must know it takes more than a small effort of quick repair.

Self-confidence is about balance. There are two extremes:

  • One is having low self-confidence
  • The other is being over-confident.

When you are either of the two, it will show in your daily life as well as through your personality and why you act the way you do.

What confidence can do for us

Do you know that when we set a confidence level for ourselves, it gauges how others treat us? With the right amount of self-confidence you will be able to grow into that person you desire while being yourself, and that is exciting! You will be able to set goals and achieve them, you will be able to have a made up mind, and not struggle.

It’s a freeing feeling, so are you ready to experience some self-confidence? Are you ready to have certainty and clarity in your life? Visit my website at if so. Visit the link to my website to check out more confidence coaching articles and have a blessed day.

For more information on coaching with me or improving your confidence please contact me for a free no obligation call. You can see how having self-confidence plays into every aspect of life from your daily conversations to your relationships, to work. Explore who you are and why you are the way you are with me and together we will make a difference.

Much love, B


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