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Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

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Break through those barriers!

We put up boundaries to protect ourselves from unpleasant situations. We all have different reasons why we set limits, from needing to feel safe, being in unfamiliar surrounds, or even protecting our personal space as we are approached by some stranger. (You know the creepazoid at the bar who just won’t back off, causing you to not only just put up a wall, but a towering fortress!).

For the most part, those situations are okay reasons for putting up your walls. On the flip side, there are other situations where your limiting attitude can hurt you. 

A lot of the time, people get caught up in fears which cause them to have a self-defeating mindset, thinking it’s protecting them. But it’s a pretty lousy self-defense mechanism that is causing you to be stuck to the point of being stifled. Putting up walls to cope with risk is like slapping a bandaid on a gunshot wound and expecting it to heal.  

So if you are not where you should be because of a limiting belief, it’s time to figure out how you got there and ask yourself some questions. 


Do you have a limiting belief about money?  Are you finding yourself saying "I’ll never have enough money. Why can’t I get a decent job or a career I enjoy. I just want to get by. I’ll never be able to afford that." Another thing you might think is "I’ll just win the lottery"?  You're better off creating your personal wealth than counting on a get rich quick alternative.



Do you put social limits on yourself, creating loneliness?  It could be that you’re not letting people get close to you because of an insecurity or fear of rejection... A smidgen of social anxiety that needs addressing. (By the way most people, only bite when you ask but another topic all together.)  You've put walls up the size of New Jersey and have to let those guards down. You're, not a night club so send your pseudo bouncers away.


Are you always unhealthy relationships, still single, or just can’t commit? Both men and women are guilty of all this pattern. Look within yourself and make sure you’re not the common denominator. It's a hard thing to do because nobody wants to be villain, but try it you might be surprised at what you learn.

  • A relationship you have not left even though it's horrible? If the reason you’re staying is because you’ve invested too much time, that's not a valid reason. 
  • Still single because you're dating the wrong people? We’re all guilty here. “Think with you head on your shoulders, not the one downstairs.” 
  • Just can't commit because you’re looking for perfection in another person. Do you need multiple sex partners, because you're bored?


The best thing you can do to help yourself overcome limiting beliefs is to address them one day at a time. Track your progress in a journal or whatever you would like. I think you might be surprised at the progress and how enjoyable life feels without restraints.


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