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Six Steps to Living the Law of Attraction

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Six simple steps to a more abundant life!

You get what you ask for, and what you ask for is what you think. There is a battle in your mind a constant raging war. Every day it seems you are closer to victory but then you realize you lack weapons and the necessary armor to win. You have no mind control, you are short on discipline, and you have one bullet of confidence left, once discharged it will leave you with an empty clip full of fear.

Your enemy is silent fully loaded ready for the kill. The enemy is trained well, the enemy attacks you with vicious blows of low-level thinking, self-doubt, fear, misery, depression and then finally you give in. Great victory, mission accomplished you were not meant to be killed the enemy feeds off of mental slavery.

I have your back my friend I’m going to reveal the secrets that will crucify your enemy.  Close your eyes and take a deep breath, yes it’s you that must be killed.

You are your enemy it’s you destroying your life. Don’t fear you are guaranteed life after death if you free your inner-being.

Let’s deal with this enemy once and for all.

So many write about the “Law of Attraction” but never give you the main ingredients to make it work. It’s going to take much more than just thinking positive and visualizing material gain to manifest a life full of wealth, good health, love and inner-peace.

Follow these key elements to get you on the right path to achieve true success.


Discover who you are and what your heart desires.

When you hear the word desire you'll probably consciously think of materiel gain. Things such as money, cars, spouse, jobs, the list of emptiness goes on. In order to find yourself you must search your true desires which are subconscious.

Slow down—it’s time to make a change rise early and seek to find you. The beginning to finding yourself is to love you, in your current condition, and forget about your past mistakes that caused your present situations. The secret is to realize material gain is wants and not desires. Of course, you may want a handsome husband or a trophy wife but if you don’t love yourself you will see nothing but their imperfections in a short time. Soon you will want another lover.

Money is not a desire, money is a need. We need money in order to live, it’s that simple.  Luxury cars, nice homes, fancy clothes vacations those are not desires, those are things you deserve. Your thoughts determine whether are not you will receive the best. Look at it like this; you get the best when you think you are the best. But don’t think with ego: true knowing comes from the heart.



Rise Early: In the early morning hours it’s just you and God or the Universe whichever is your preference. Pray and mediate don’t ask or think about material gain. Give thanks; if you don’t have much give thanks for your life, your five senses and so on. Praise yourself, love yourself. 

In the beginning this task will be arduous but it’s mandatory you stick with it.  For beginners, start off with at least 10 minutes of prayer or mediation.


Exercise:  The mind is a part of the body, so when you exercise the body you exercise the mind. A lack of exercise is like a human-being short of breath. Exercising is vital, it makes you feel good inside and out. Also it builds mental discipline.


Read:  Start your day off with a little inspiration. Read an article that will motivate and inspire you.

Steps 2 to 4 should take place after 5am and before 9am. If you work mornings, then find time in the evening that is peaceful and suitable for you. If your living atmosphere is in an uproar and there is no peace then find a park or a quiet public place to think.

Aristotle, one of the world’s best philosophers, said “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”.

If you follow these key elements you will soon start to feel and think differently.  Slowly but surely you will discover who you truly are and what you stand for.


Learn to love yourself unconditionally no matter what you see or feel.

Before you can begin to think positive and manifest material gain, you must first learn to love yourself and others. 

In order for you to love life you must love the people who make the world go round which is yourself and others. It’s imperative that when you look in the mirror you love what you see.  Bow down to yourself, praise yourself, believe that you are truly wonderful.  My goal is not to discourage anyone but produce truth and facts. I say that, to say this: if you don’t love yourself you will never manifest any good thing.


Think positively no matter how crummy your reality may be.

The majority of individuals who practice and write about the “Law of Attraction” never touch base on health which is the key that unlocks the door to unlimited abundance and ample opportunity. Before you can manifest anything big or small your mind and body must be in good health. Negative and low-level thinking attracts not only unpleasant situations but it also takes a toll on you physically.

Research has shown that stress can cause tumors, hair-loss, heart attacks and other illnesses. It’s the same with depression and anxiety.

Many people give up on the “Law of Attraction” because they have trained themselves to think positively only in order to gain something. When that something does not manifest, they think the “Law of Attraction is false. The truth is that the individual was misleading and trying to scam God/ the universe. The "positive thinking" was only activated to get something in return. Positivity needs to be activated from the heart.

Think positively for well-being, for inner peace and true happiness.  Not for a Rolls Royce, spouse and a house on the hills.

Just imagine if you were able to manifest those things and the Rolls Royce and house burnt down, and your spouse divorced you, my- oh- my, you would mentally have a breakdown.  But when you operate out of love and peace, these tragic events would only sadden you but not break you. The key is to love yourself more than you love those things. They are replaceable, if you obtained them once you can obtain them twice.

Living positively from the heart will give you double for your troubles.

Think at yourself as a remote control. A remote causes powerful frequencies to be transmitted and devices to shut on and off... but what good is a remote without batteries? Batteries pump juice to push out the energy and frequencies, which in return gives you what you want.

Always remember God/the universe picks up on positive energy which comes from the never changing heart not the always changing mind.  A negative heart is simply a dead battery, powerless producing nothing.

Follow these 6 steps with a closed mind and an open heart. 

Here’s an important factor to remember: things will not change overnight.  If you constantly practice these steps every day and make them a habit, in due time greatness will await you.

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