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Seeing the World as a Kaleidoscope: Your Purpose and Your Path

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See the world as a kaleidoscope!

Purpose and Path: The big double P

The big double P! We have been answering this question since we were in kindergarten or earlier. “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

We were usually quick to come up with an answer… some of us wanted to be princesses, pizza makers, fire fighters, veterinarians, singers, painters, and the list could go on for infinity. 

The thing is, when we were asked what we wanted to be, in that moment we truly did commit to that idea! It might have been the most outlandish and farfetched idea but you whole heartedly believed you were going to be a king, live in a giant castle, and have 1,000 puppy dogs.


The kaleidescope of your purpose and path in life

So as we get older the scope narrows instead of looking at life through a kaleidoscope it comes down to black white and sometimes gray.

That’s where change is a must, our path and our purpose are intertwined.

In order to find our way we must see through the kaleidoscope. Life is colorful, beautiful, and if you want to embrace your vision it must be true to your essential self.

Sometimes life’s path can veer in zig zags, circles, and even question marks. But when you finally decide to stop denying what you know to be true, then guess what… you’re on the right path! So listen to you inner voice, take time to be that little kid again, and commit to an idea.


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