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Who Are The Best Life Coaches on Instagram: Our Top 15 (Inspiration Guide!)

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Best life coaches on IG, coaching tip

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Today, most of us have been dealing with our own struggles, forced to welcome every morning sun we wake up to and fight through the day. It’s not just about work or school anymore; life is far too big for that. But when we lose sight of our strengths and just see our weaknesses, we may let the demands of life get to us. When we get beaten down, we can only do so much.

With the support of a life coach, we can find what’s truly meaningful for us and set our career and personal goals to help us live a life that empowers us.

Behind every successful and genuinely happy person are people who give their all-out support, and coaches are just one of them, and there’s so much to learn. Whether you’re someone who wants to fill their feed with inspiration or a coach building their profile, here are the best life coaches on Instagram.

Get inspired by the best life coaches on Instagram

Take a look at our top 15 instagram life coaches and get inspired!


1. Hilary Rushford (@hilaryrushford)

Hilary Rushford Collyer, life coach on Instagram, coaching tip

Instagram is home to many fashion and beauty influencers - it can get a little bit intimidating sometimes. But, Hilary Rushford is a life coach who will inspire you to feel beautiful in your own skin!

You don’t need to lose a single pound, get a facelift, or dye your hair to feel pretty. She can give you style tips without breaking the bank; all you need is what you already have! She doesn’t usually give out names of items or brands which is a good way of encouraging you to find more joy in what you own.

Speak passionately about policies, not people; what you're for, not what you're against. Hilary Rushford, coaching tip

Every one of her pictures has an inspiring story and a thought-provoking idea. She encourages you to embrace your insecurities, focus on getting better, and find peace in the present moment. Check out her vibrant feed now!

2. Marie Forleo (@marieforleo)

Marie Forleo, entrepreneur, best life coach on Instagram, coaching tip

From unedited selfies and scenic views to powerful mantras, Marie Forleo never fails to give you a dose of daily motivation. This high-profile life coach is an unshakeable optimist who shares tips on personal development and creative business. 

Life happens for me, not to me. Marie Forleo, coaching tip

If you check out her feed, you’ll see how engaged her audience is with her inspirational and moving posts because she speaks the truth - no one is without purpose and value, and you are your most important asset in life. Fill your cup so you can share your incredible self. If this is your cup of tea, her Instagram is open for you and the world!

3. Tamu Thomas (@livethreesixty)

Tamu Thomas, livethreesixty, somatic coach for business owners, best life coach on Instagram, coaching tip

Tamu Thomas is a somatic coach with passion ablaze for helping high-achieving women cultivate their own safe space. Her feed is filled with soul-stirring and stimulating quotes - the type that would inspire action.

Getting used to emotional and physical let-downs is never normal. Fond of somatics and behavioral neuroscience, Tamu employs trauma-informed, evidence-based approaches to help drive independent and entrepreneurial women to lead fulfilling lives. She opens conversations on self-belief, inner child healing, higher consciousness, and the list goes on and on. ​​

Boundaries also mean not passively absorbing and actively holding all the news and social media commentary right now. A lot of people are getting wrapped in the circle of concern which is futile. You can make powerful choices. Tamu Thomas, coaching tip

If you’re someone who wants to explore your worth and capabilities, you’ll find out more on her Instagram. 

4. Sam Burgess (@samburgessuk)

Sam Burgess, life coach and business mentor, spirituality and psychology, coaching tip

Are you, perhaps, wondering how to step out into the unknown and carry on to your spiritual path in life? Curiosity indeed leads you to new paths - it led you here! 

Sam Burgess is a life coach and business mentor who brings the best of spirituality and psychology together to help hopeful souls realize their aspirations. Her entire feed feels a lot like soul-searching on its own, you’d definitely find tips on manifesting, building a composed and confident mindset, and even managing stress

Staying positive doesn't mean you have to be happy all the time. It means that even on hard days, you know that better ones are coming. Sam Burgess, coaching tip

The nature of life obstacles is subjective, every person is on a different road from everyone else. We may pass by one another but that does not mean the path we’re on is one and the same. Sam surely helps open our eyes and minds to this truth. 

The nature of life obstacles is subjective, every person is on a different road from everyone else. We may pass by one another but that does not mean the path we’re on is one and the same.

5. Jay Shetty (@jayshetty)

Jay Shetty, author, purpose coach, former monk, best life coaches on Instagram, coaching tip

Jay Shetty is a monk-turned-purpose coach and is now a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author. He helps people learn how to deeply love themselves before loving others, cultivating a love that grows daily.

You're not stuck, you're on your way. You're not alone, you're guided. You're not random, you're meant to be. You're not broken, you're healing. Jay Shetty, coaching tip

Jay’s posts help shift your thinking from pervasive negative thoughts to self-love and positivity. He also shares motivational videos daily, some are incredibly relatable and will just melt your heart. He will help guide you to change your life from the inside out. Head on over to his profile to find out more!

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How to attract high value coaching clients

6. Shane Feldman (@shane_feldman)

Shane Feldman, motivation speaker, best life coaches on Instagram, coaching tip

CONNECTION - the word that you’re definitely going to see a lot in his feed. Shane Feldman inspires people, especially leaders, in developing stronger bonds and creating active communities. 

Shane has toured 30 countries all over the world to identify the common tactics that enable teams to succeed and individuals to flourish. His stories are approachable, and his tactics are doable. 

Every interaction is an opportunity. Together or apart. Online or offline. Slack or zoom. Call or text. Shane Feldman, coaching tip

Shane's compelling message motivates his audience to imagine bigger. Without a doubt, hearing him talk will help make you feel positive, energized, and prepared to take action.

7. Alyssa Nobriga (@alyssanobriga)

Alyssa Nobriga, best life coaches on Instagram, coaching tip

Alyssa Nobriga is a well-known coach around the world. Her approach to supporting people is soul-centered and she’s dedicated to empowering women and helping others realize their potential. 

The power is in you, not in the situation. Alyssa Nobriga, coaching tip

Ever have a question troubling your mind? Alyssa may just help you find the answer; scour away on her Instagram page. You might even find pieces of advice that you never knew you needed. She’ll remind you that there’s nothing wrong with you. You don’t have to change yourself; you just have to listen to your inner voice. Break away from the irrational confines you set for yourself and seize your power!

You don’t have to change yourself; you just have to listen to your inner voice. Break away from the irrational confines you set for yourself and seize your power!

8. Nora Dekeyser (@noradekeyser)

Nora Dekeyser, best life coaches on Instagram, confidence, self love, coaching tip

What are the most important things in dating? What makes a relationship last? How do you fix a relationship that's falling apart? What does real love feel like? Interesting questions with surely interesting answers, and Nora Dekeyser may just be the right coach if these questions disturb your quiet.

Nora was a matchmaker before she became a relationship and dating coach who’s been featured in multiple renowned websites, magazines, and news including Forbes, ABS News, and Business Insider.

I hope you remember to hug yourself tightly tonight, embrace the present moment for all the magic and wisdom it has for you, and whisper to yourself, "you've got this." I'm proud of you". Nora Dekeyser, coaching tip

She puts her heart into promoting self-love and ultimately sharing life coaching tips to build healthy relationships. On top of that, she also shares entrepreneurial tips for business owners and those interested in building their empires. If all this is right up your alley, grow your emotional mindset with Nora Dekeyser!

9. Jason Phillips (@jphillipsmsw)

Jason Phillips, licensed therapist and confidence expert, best life coaches on Instagram, coaching tip

Jason Phillips is a licensed therapist and confidence expert. And you know what? His willingness to collaborate makes his Instagram stand out, and he exhibits confidence by being unafraid to share the spotlight with other professionals in his area. For more than 10 years, he has provided evidence-based counseling thanks to his down-to-earth style and useful recommendations. 

The most important relationship you have is the one with yourself! We focus on pleasing others and end up letting our own self down. Jason Phillips, coaching tip

How do you handle loss or life changes? What coping mechanisms do you employ? Do you simply ignore them and keep going, or do you employ particular strategies? These questions can be quite troubling, but don’t fret, Jason may help shed light on coping with life changes!

10. Yasmine (@yasminecheyenne)

Yasmine Cheyenne, best life coaches on Instagram, self healing, coaching tip

Yasmine is known for her affirmations - the kind that will inspire you to take certain actions, assist you in focusing on achieving your life goals, give you the ability to change your negative thought patterns and replace them with positive ones, help you access a new belief system, but most importantly, has the ability to bring positivity back into your life and help in regaining or boosting your self-confidence. She encourages her followers to “say it with me” which makes them feel like they’re a part of something - something big. And there’s nothing that feels better than belonging and connecting.

choose healing so you learn to stop expecting others to automatically give you what you missed out as a child. Yasmine Cheyenne, coaching tipSay it with me, self-healing is for everyone, so let Yasmine support you on this journey.

11. Lisa Nichols (@lisa2motivate)

Lisa Nichols, transformational speaker and coach, best life coaches on Instagram, coaching tip

Lisa Nichols is a transformational coach devoted to helping others find their brilliance, may it be personal or business. Lisa won’t exempt you from the responsibility for your greatness. Why? Because you owe it to yourself to lead the life that you've always wanted. 

It's not other people's job to love you, it's yours. Lisa Nichols, coaching tip

Her Instagram page is filled with gripping posts that will definitely get you hooked and inspired. Just as she says, it’s time to move, time to transform. Stop depriving yourself of the greatness that you hold. Are you prepared to unravel your true capabilities and live your dream?

Lisa won’t exempt you from the responsibility for your greatness. Why? Because you owe it to yourself to lead the life that you've always wanted. 

12. Rebecca (@rebeccaorecoaching)

Rebecca Ore Coaching, relationship coach, best life coaches on Instagram, coaching tip

Even the strongest relationships go through rough patches. Whether you’re looking for a new relationship or want to bring the spark back, Rebecca may just be the right coach for you. 

Human brains can do wonders, no doubt about that. But it’s our thoughts that can either make or break us. Know that it’s natural to have pleasant and negative emotions, and instead of beating yourself up, just focus on how you’re going to react. Rebecca is dedicated to helping you identify why you’re acting a certain way, what your anxious thoughts mean, how to stop overthinking and comparing yourself to others, and many more. 

When we make something responsible for our happiness, our love can become tinged with anxiety and fear. We're so desperately scared we'll lose it, so we seek to possess and own it. We cling to it very tightly. Rebecca Ore Coaching, coaching tip

Put in the work to get better and check out her feed for some self-help tips and enlightenment on relationship troubles!

13. Iyanla Vanzant (@iyanlavanzant)

Iyanla Vanzant, new level living, best life coaches on Instagram, coaching tip

Iyanla Vanzant is a life coach with a heart for guiding people to new-level living. ​​She inspires people to realize their creativity and unleash their capabilities. She excites you in putting forth effort towards inner work - bringing your brain and heart into harmony with the flow of life, love, and the Divine Mind. With her feed that looks festive and bright, she helps you guide your own thinking to have faith in truth and prayer. 

You set the standard for how you want to be treated. Iyanla Vanzant, coaching tip

Iyanla’s feed looks and feels a lot like Christmas, perhaps, that’s what you’re going to feel when you experience new-level living!

14. Tomas Svitorka (@tomassvitorka)

TomasSvitorka, best life coaches on Instagram, business, coaching tip

Tomsa Svitorka is a life and productivity coach, and to him, being okay is never enough. He helps clients, particularly professionals and individuals interested in business, achieve their goals. He is working on the contagious effect of success on people, helping them grow and inspiring others to aspire for something greater.

Stop talking yourself out of opportunities because you don't feel like you are ready yet. You are ready. The time is now! Tomas Svitorka, coaching tip

He’ll be sharing personal rules to live by to harness a strong mindset. And he’ll definitely encourage you to work hard, push past your comfort zone, and go see where all the new opportunities are waiting. After all, you make your own luck, right?

15. Adam Jablin (@adamjablin)

Adam Jablin, the hero project, best life coaches on Instagram, coaching tip

As a result of battling with addiction and alcoholism, Adam Jablin rose through and conquered these challenges and is now helping others. He has worked with athletes, celebrities, soldiers, and stay-at-home people, helping them change their lives and become more spiritually fit in just a matter of months. He’ll assist you in finding the loopholes in all your struggles, turning your sufferings into strengths. 

If you're ever scared that you're a bad person, remember that bad people don't care about getting better. Remember that! Adam Joblin, coaching tip

If you can start practicing meditation, you'll eventually come to understand how powerful, soulful, and aspirational you truly are. And just like him, you can also learn to live life to the fullest by exploring within yourself. 

Feeling inspired by all these coaches?

Wondering if you can get in touch and closely collaborate with a life coach? Say no more, browsing the life coach directory and inch towards creating your best life without stress and anxiety! 

You can also submit a coaching request to be partnered with the most awesome life coach for you. 

Are you a coach who wants to be Instagram-worthy?

At this point, you may have noticed how different all these life coaches are. They have different specializations and offer a variety of ways to support you. They may have different experiences, coaching styles, and principles, but one thing is for sure, they are there for a reason - to portray their own personality, build their own brand, and help others have fulfilling lives. 

If you are a life coach looking for inspiration and ways to spruce up your Instagram, just do you! Your feed doesn’t have to be flawless, you just have to say the right words. If you know your client enough, then you know what to do. 

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