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A Goal Setting Template

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Goal Setting Template

You are so much more likely to be successful if you make a detailed strategy, prepare yourself for potential obstacles, and focus on your motivation!

Flying by the seat of your pants is fun and all, but risky.

Ready to reach your goals? Then follow this goal setting template.

1. Focus on your "reason".
Why do you want to reach this goal?

2. Be Specific.
"I want to be a writer." That's nice. Do you want to write novels? Do you want to be a         columnist?

Would you like to be published in a popular magazine? Would you like to write for TV? 

think you see where I'm going. 

3. Make your goals Measurable. 
I will submit my first piece of writing to my favorite magazine by March 15th.

4. Hold yourself accountable. 
If you're not reaching your milestones, you're not going to be successful. Find ways to keep yourself on track. Use friends, reminders, etc. 

5. Come back to your "reason" 
Whenever you feel discouraged, come back to that reason you started in the first place. 


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