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What is an ADHD coach?

An ADHD coach supports those with attention deficit/hyperactive disorder. An ADHD coach builds your skills so you can enjoy life more. With your coach's support you can make great strides toward better clarity, organization and satisfaction with life. Your ADHD will stop tripping you up. You'll gain more confidence as your coach empowers you with new coping strategies.

What does an ADHD coach do?

An ADHD coach helps you understand your symptoms and designs ways to overcome them. Your ADHD coach knows how to find ways for you to overcome the difficulties that clutter your mind. You'll get organized and function with greater clarity.

Do I need an ADHD coach?

If you're unable to make plans or finish things you start, then an ADHD coach offers guidance to transform your life into one of greater success. The frustrations you feel don't have to always be there. There are solutions. With an ADHD coach you can gain a positive view of yourself. Instead of focusing on failure, you'll work toward success. And each goal you meet will be a building block toward a happier future.


ADHD coaches

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  • Coach Leddy Glenn United States $500 - $2500 USD Contact me

    Leddy Glenn

    Free Call!
    M.A., M.A.,

    I am a certified coach working with adults with dyslexia to find their strengths and thrive!

  • Coach Anna Kaminski United Arab Emirates $50 - $70 USD Contact me

    Anna Kaminski

    Free Call!
    MA Psych, ADHD Coach

    Professional ADHD Coach, Mindfulness Educator, Children's Book Author. Teens/ adults/ educational

  • Coach Gail Essman United States $250 - $475 USD Contact me

    Gail Essman

    Free Call!
    Certified ADHD Coach, CAC, CLC, JD

    As an ADHD coach, my passion is helping people calm the chaos, focus and organize, and achieve goals

  • Coach Isis Rosso United States $75 - $250 USD Contact me

    Isis Rosso

    Free Call!
    M.S.Ed., ITDS

    I help your family address today's challenges so you can become empowered for a better tomorrow.

  • Coach Sarah Dihmes United States   Contact me

    Sarah Dihmes

    Free Call!

    Dr. Sarah Dihmes has her Ph.D. in clinical psychology. She currently offers psychotherapy to adults,

  • Coach Ross Raymond Canada $75 - $150 USD Contact me

    Ross Raymond

    Free Call!
    Certified Trauma-Informed coach

    I hope reprogram those automatic, self thoughts, especially for those with ADD

  • Coach Kimberly Cox United States $10 - $240 USD Contact me

    Kimberly Cox

    Free Call!
    Certified Life Coach

    I'm Kimberly. Wife, mom, and Life Coach. Looking forward to meeting you.

  • Coach Christina MacFarquhar United Kingdom $30 - $300 USD Contact me

    Christina MacFarquhar

    Free Call!
    Expert in adult ADHD/creativity

    I coach adults who are creative and spontaneous, and struggle with organisation and follow-through.

  • Coach Dominique Brits South Africa $55 - $250 USD Contact me

    Dominique Brits

    Free Call!
    Life coach for Childen and Teens

    We are the International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited. A life coach for kids and families.

  • Coach Sanrina Moore United States $20 - $100 USD Contact me

    Sanrina Moore

    Free Call!
    Psychology, BA, MS

    I am an enthusiastic coach who likes to help people succeed in every aspect of their lives.

  • Coach Julie Saad Colombia $600 - $6000 USD Contact me

    Julie Saad

    Free Call!
    Wellness Coach for Women with ADHD

    Kick your ADHD symptoms to the curb, get your sh*t together, and take back your life

  • Coach Greatand Powerful Observer United States $250 - $100000000 USD Contact me

    Greatand Powerful Observer

    Free Call!

    Just another wise ass that decided maybe the doctors don't know everything and I found I was right!

  • Coach David Appelbaum, Psy.D. United States $100 - $101 USD Contact me

    David Appelbaum, Psy.D.

    Free Call!
    Clinical Psychologist

    Dr. David Appelbaum, Psy.D. is a clinical psychologist who is based in New York City.

  • Coach Amber Desmond United States $75 - $90 USD Contact me

    Amber Desmond

    Free Call!

    Women’s life coach, specializing in personal empowerment.

  • Coach Yang Institute of Integrative Medicine United States $100 - $1000 USD Contact me

    Yang Institute of Integrative Medicine

    Free Call!

    Yang institute provides integrative therapy for mental health, brain health, pain & chronic illness.

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How can an ADHD coach help me?

With ADHD coaching you'll gain a greater understanding of your challenges. You'll no longer helplessly submit to your symptoms. Instead you'll recognize them and apply coaching strategies that let you go forward.

An ADHD coach has a whole suite of tools that help you live a more motivated and successful life. ADHD makes it hard for you to make decisions and stick with them. But with the right guidance, you can set up a lifestyle that supports you. It is possible to plan a life focused on your dreams.

With ADHD coaching you will:

  • Simplify your life
  • Set up systems that help you focus
  • Gain time management skills
  • Learn tips that give you clarity of mind
  • Focus on self care
  • Develop strategies that help you succeed

Your coach will talk with you about the toughest areas of your life. Within this comfortable and non-judging relationship you work together to design support into your life.


Five great reasons to hire an ADHD coach

Life planning is especially difficult for people with ADHD. A coach helps you set beneficial goals that you can meet.
With coaching you can design your life in an orderly way that reduces the burden of your symptoms. The structure you design with the coach will help you stay focused.
ADHD coaching teaches you to be more self aware. You'll take charge of your symptoms and apply solutions.
You can learn strategies that stop you from becoming overloaded. ADHD makes you want to do more and more even if you can't get it done. Coaching slows this down so you can start finishing tasks.
Coaching nurtures time management skills. This challenging arena can be broken down into simple steps that guide you toward a satisfying life.
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