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Gail Essman

Certified ADHD Coach, CAC, CLC, JD 
Roselle, Illinois, United States
As an ADHD coach, my passion is helping people calm the chaos, focus and organize, and achieve goals

About me

I provide coaching services which utilize the unique gifts and strengths of ADHD in order to overcome the challenges associated with ADHD. I believe that you are the missing piece to the puzzle…I can help you make it fit.

My mission is to help clients find a way to calm the chaos, focus and organize, and achieve goals. I will provide support, structure and accountability; explore strengths, talents, tools and new learning to increase self-awareness and personal empowerment. Together, coach and client design strategies and actions and monitor progress by creating accountability in line with goals and aspirations.

As your coach, I will work with you on the skills you may be missing and your game strategy. Over time you will get better at all the things that are hard for you right now, such as prioritizing, time management, planning and organization. I love helping others see their true worth, and help them apply these new skills to achieving the things they want most.

I love to work with people who want to do better. As your coach,I will provide a supportive non-judgmental partnership in which you will be encouraged to set reasonable and attainable goals and create an action plan to reach those goals. Are you that kind of person? Here are some examples of people like you that I've helped:

*Professionals who are seeking improved job performance and higher income.
*Adults who have just learned that they have ADHD, even though they have been struggling with the challenges of ADHD their whole life.
*Students who want to use their gifts and strengths to better organize their material and information, and maximize their learning.
*People who are living with a spouse/partner with ADHD
*Parents of children with ADHD desperately trying to calm the chaos in their home.
*Dreamers who want to change the world and don’t know how to start

Coaching with me

Coaching is the art of helping people grow and maximize their potential without telling them what to do. In a coaching relationship, you choose what you want to work on, you set your own goals and actions—in other words, you are always in charge. What I bring to the table as a coach is a set of professional skills for helping you identify what you really want in life, design action plans to reach those goals, and get those things done.

Results don't happen overnight, but . Every session will have positive moments, and you will be able to measure your progress along the way, It's a journey, but one worth taking.
Life today can be chaotic and overwhelming and you don’t necessarily have to have ADHD to experience some of the associated obstacles. You don’t need advice on what to do...just a blueprint to help you get it done.

I coach by building on your strengths…empowering you to take control of your life. We will work on focus, setting priorities, time management, and changing negative behaviors into positive action. We will create environments that promote success. I provide accountability, support and encouragement…which can make a world of difference when someone has been challenged with organizational issues. If you want an enthusiastic partner to help you identify personal strengths, stay on track, focus and organize, and allow you to achieve goals, then Controlled Change is just what you need to take your life to a new level!


Private Coaching by phone.

Controlled Change Coaching Packages

Premium Package

• Four 1 hour coaching calls
• Unlimited check-in calls
• Unlimited email
• Written follow-up report for each session
• Mp3 of each session

Choice Package

• Three 1-hour coaching calls
• Limited short (10 minute) check-in calls ( three times per week)
• Limited email (three times per week)
• Mp3 of each session

Starter Package

• Two 1-hour coaching calls
• Limited email (twice per week)

Controlled Change Coaching will offer will offer a 15% discount on semi-annual commitments paid in full, and a 20% discount on annual commitments paid in full.

Referral System for existing clients. If you refer someone for coaching (now or in the future) and they book any package with me, I will give YOU a complimentary coaching session.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • J.D.
  • Certified ADHD Coach
  • Certified Life Coach

Fee description

Fees: from $250 USD to $475 USD

Per monthly package cost.
Lower rates for no-frills "Quick Coaching"
Discounts for semi-annual or annual packages paid in full
Referral discounts


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