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A Call To Greatness

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What You Do Today Will Determine Your Tomorrow

you are not broken

  • What if I told you, you were never broken?
  • Would you believe me?
  • What if I told you the people around you were broken so the scenarios and associations you had with them were broken?
  • What if I told you the broken environment & associations that you have had led you to believe you were broken?
  • What if I told you your life experiences and everything you are going through is due to the simple fact that you are a product of your environment?

Association brings on simulation, so if you associate yourself with broken people you will become broken in the process.


Finding yourself

Now, it's time to find yourself and who you really want and are meant to be without the toxic people and environment that you have become accustomed to. To where normalcy feels & seems like & oddity because there is no excitement or drama to keep you stimulated. Its important to disconnect and release the people in your past so that you can grow and find yourself because you have been through far too much and more than you may have needed to endure because of your associations with broken people and the broken environments that they continuously & emotionally dwell.

  • Don’t allow the environment or the people around you change the person you are negatively.
  • Quickly reassess who you are
  • Focus on your goals & dreams
  • Realize that those people do not share the same attributes as you
  • Quickly disconnect before you start to create or learn bad habits & instill negative minds sets that drain your will power & creativity.

Waking up to reality

  • It's time to wake up & realize that tomorrow isn't promised.
  • Stop taking everyday for granted by not finding your purpose in life or living a life that is not to your full potential.
  • Stop selling yourself short when you know you are destined to do great things. Great things can only be achieved with effort.

You should ask yourself...

  • Where are you spending your efforts?
  • Are you making an effort to be the person that you want and are meant to be?

Changing your mindset

Everyday is an opportunity to plant a seed for a better tomorrow. What you do today will determine your tomorrow. So stop doing the same thing over & over again expecting different results thinking it will be different now. Especially when fear is holding you back from doing things you have never done before.

The fear of failure keeps you from taking the hardest & most detrimental step in your life that can change everything forever, that step is the 1st step.

Don't let fears get in the way

Fear of the unknown, fear that you're not good enough, fear that you won't or can't make it. Well, you will never know until you try. There are no failures in life as you have been conditioned to believe & looked down upon and deceived. Those were not failures but learning experiences because failures only exist in the lives of those that never try, those that believe that they were put on this earth for midocricy.

Stop cheating yourself

Doesn't matter if you are a Christian or not, but if you are a Christian, Jesus died to give you a purpose on this earth so don't waste it. Live up to your full potential Jesus or your creator didn't just die so that you can live a mediocre life & just get by. He died so that you may live life more abundantly, to live a life with a purpose. 

So stop cheating yourself & your creator thinking that all you have to do is pay bills & die. There's a life awaiting you that is much greater than that, a life & position that you were destined to live & achieve. So stop allowing people to steal from your character & dignity.

Setting daily goals

I challenge you today to set goals & achieve! Keep setting & achieving goals until you leave behind the person you once were to look in the mirror and no longer recognize yourself because you have grown so much & living a purposeful life. A life that you & your family can be proud of. It's time to listen to your calling and become your kids & families role model because today there are far & few. 

  • Set that example and pave the way for your family show them that anything is possible if & when you believe in yourself.
  • Don't be afraid take that 1st step; you've been putting off for too long. Be the role model that the world needs.
  • Claim your real identity today; because your future has been waiting for you!

Life is full of lessons and often times opportunity lie hidden within the lessons. And those opportunities have the ability to change your life for the greater good in an instant. That is why it is important to always be ready, poised to react and change according to the immediate circumstances. And open mind will take you far beyond the sky and your limitations. The victories that are won tomorrow begin with the battles that are fought today.

  • Dont always look for the easy way out because in the end you are only cheating yourself.
  • Dont stunt your growth!

Often times in life we lose hope and faith focusing on the journey and the end goal, rather then focusing on the hardest step, which is the 1st step in the right direction. Take the 1st step and you shall see how easily the others will follow!


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