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Earn Your Piece of Mind: Life Begins At the End of Your Comfort Zone

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Earn It

Are you in your comfort zone right now? Well get out of that comfortable zone! When you are in a comfortable postion everything feels good... and that's the biggest illusion you could ever experience. Do not make yourself comfy in your current position, keep reaching for the stars, the moon and or the sun.


Your Dis-Comfort Zone

It's in your dis-comfort zone that change happens. Let's take a work out for example. When you push your body beyond its everyday limits you begin to see growth in muscles: they flex, they stand up, they protrude out. 

Well the sames goes for you rmind. When you stretch your mind beyond its comfortable llimits, you see wonderful things begin to happen in your life. The mind/ body connection is powerful.

I use aerobics to work out because there are many intricate moves which require me to be mentally present while in aerobics mode.  So when exercies is complete, I practice staying in the present moment throughout my day.

Find your Strength

Your strength is in your fight and your struggle. It is there that you develop greater mental endurance. The key is to be able to differentiate! In aerobics you need to distinguish the burn from pain, just as in life you must distinguish the pain from the pleasure: you have to notice the negative energy and the positive energies in and around you.

So in order to be the best, do not stay in your comfort zone, not in the gym and not in your lifestyle either.  It is never too late to change.


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