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What is Work /Life Balance?

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Keep balance in your life at all times.

Work/life balance has turned into a bit of a buzz word. Almost everyone says they need a better work/life balance or claim to be working towards it. It is something that many say is healthy and necessary, but it is apparently very elusive. Unless you have already found the perfect balance between work and life, the following information can help you to find yours.


Work/life balance refers to a bit of lifestyle Zen where you have an ideal amount of time dedicated to work and to the rest of your life. This doesn’t necessarily mean spending exactly as much time working as you do on your life, but for some people who really love what they do, it may. Remember, your work is your work, but your life is family, friends, social events, fun activities, obligations, household maintenance, and more.



The perfect work/life balance will differ from person to person. As mentioned, it probably isn’t equal parts work and life, but if you truly adore what you do with a job you are passionate about, a healthy work/life balance may include a lot more time on the clock.

A work/life balance that fits you should have you working to live and not living to work; this means that the work side of the equation should be just enough to provide for your wants and needs. At the same time, your life shouldn’t exhaust the means you make at work, but it should give you enough time to pursue things that are important to you. A healthy work/life balance for you will let you feel like you really have it all.


If you want to achieve a better work/life balance, you need to tip the scales so that things even out. If you are working too much, you should try to cut back on your hours or consider changing jobs.

If you find that you have a lot of free time or not enough money to do the things you want to do, you may need to put in some more work or find another job to support better balance. For some people, working more will not only bring in more money to enjoy life, but it can add an additional level of fulfillment that was otherwise missing.


There are lots of ways in which you can build a better work/life balance, and the way in which you go about it are very specific and unique to you. The information here is just the start, but using time management techniques, organizational tools, and more can help many get closer to this healthy work/life balance.

Most importantly, life coaches are skilled at coaching you in precisely this area. Working with a life coach can help you identify strategies that can work best for you and your situation, allowing you to get even closer to this perfect balance and to having it all.

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