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How to find your passion in life

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Find your passion in life again!!

Imagine you could wake up every single morning feeling happy and passionate about your life. How much would you pay to have that?

If you haven’t already got passion and abundant happiness in your life, then you are waiting for it to ‘happen’ to you. Or maybe waiting for someone else to come along and do it for you. 

Research has shown that one of the biggest resources of happiness is knowing what your passion is. The next step of course is pursuing it.

As a Dating Coach I continually help connect people to their passion so that they can go out and be passionate people!


Think about the person or date you want to spend a lunch with, is it someone who is tired, weary and unsure of their journey in life, or is it the person with enthusiasm and passion who has a destination in mind?

So how do you find your passion in life? The trick here is to practice tuning out of your head and living life from your heart. We are conditioned to think with our heads from such an early age that by the time we are adults, all our dreams and desires have been knocked out of us! It's no wonder the passion has died before it even has even begun.



If you want to change your life in any way and dare to want more for yourself, I invite you to take some time daydreaming about what it is you would truly love to do. It may be travel, skydiving, a new business, writing...

Picture yourself doing the thing that you really want to do and keep it there, right in front of you. When you wake up, when you go to bed and throughout the day spend some time in your ‘passionate place’.


Of course day dreaming alone is not enough to get you the passionate life that you desire; there is action to be taken!

If you were to dip your toe into the waters towards the thing that you most want to do, what is the first step? When I am coaching clients we beak it down into several actions, with perhaps three actions to take every two weeks. If you want the extra motivation you can do this exercise yourself, share your intentions with a friend and enroll the help of a coach like me.

When you are going out as your most passionate and happy self, imagine the different type of opportunities you are going to attract! What are the possibilities that can open up for you in your work, your love life, your family?

What about if I fail? This type of negative self-talk has been around for years and always will be. Practice turning the volume down on this one and tuning into the ‘Ah, and what if I succeed’ voice!

I am so excited about your journey and am here to support your one hundred percent. What it is that you really want that you are going to take action to move towards? Let me know below!

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