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Understanding Body Signals for Wellness

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Your Body Is Smarter Than You Think!

Understanding body language

To better understand health or wellness, you first need to study your body language. Yes, our bodies talk to us. In other words, the body is smarter than we think; it can tell us what it likes and dislikes.

To illustrate this, whenever you expose your body to cool temperatures, have you noticed how we get goosebumps or even the numbness on your fingers and toes? These are all communicating mechanisms that our body uses in order to tell us how it is feeling. Similarly, if an individual is hot, they’ll do whatever it takes to cool down such as by turning on the air conditioner, eating something cold or wearing less clothing. By doing so, we are reacting to what our body is telling us.

Unhealthy body signals

On the other hand, for some odd reason, we ignore our bodies signals for obesity, smelly poop, illness, fatigue, flatulence, puking, acne, eczema, psoriasis, cancer, diabetes, STD’s, hair loss, and the list goes on. These signals to these serious illnesses or diseases should be taken seriously. Unfortunately, we tend to ignore them most of the time. To make matters even worst, once sickness has manifested, it is difficult to get rid of them. This is why we have to understand what is good for our body.

Taking care of our body

The body is actually at ease when you eat the foods that are alive like you. This means that we need to consume foods that actually fuel your body instead of those that overwork your body. Thus, dodging the daily garbage we consume will potentially prevent us from having certain diseases.

We always have this misconception that taking medication will automatically cure these diseases.What I’m determined to get people to understand is that medication is not the only answer. You need to understand that medicine only masks the illness rather than actually cures it.

I can't blame you for believing this because this is simply what we have been taught all our life (i.e. take medication when you are sick). At some point, we need to be break this habit and belief of taking medication for every little problem. 

The point is, in order to fight any disease, we must listen to what our bodies are saying. Learn what your body rejects by trying a specific food and carefully watching what happens in the next few days. Look at your skin, hair, nails, breath, teeth, attitude, energy, literally everything.


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