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What's the Difference Between Love & Fear

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Difference between love and fear

The difference between love and fear

When we hear the words Fear we might think:

  • frightened,
  • anxiety,
  • racing thoughts,
  • worries, and
  • being afraid. 

When we hear the word Love you might think of

  • warm hugs,
  • calmness,
  • patience,
  • nurturing,
  • happiness,
  • bilss.

As humans we allow fear to overcome us. We begin to create walls and maybe drive people away or possibly begin an addiction.


The role of Ego in fear

Another way to look at fear is when we think of Ego we can think of being self centered, those that think of themselves, cold and maybe abrasive.

What we don't recognize is that having your very own Ego can help you not be self destructive if you recognize it! We thank it and tell it to go BACK TO SLEEP!

You see Ego is a way of reminding you not to look back, not to follow the same path that led you to sadness, self destructiveness or even FEAR.

IF you recognize your fear you can avoid making the same mistakes, you can create a better life or maybe not create the same mistakes as you did in the past.


  • Living in the past can create depression
  • Living in the present can create peace
  • Living in the future can create anxiety

We want to recognize Fear but we all agree that we want remove this in our lives.  We can always thank ego for reminding us what we do not want to repeat.

Love can overcome fear

Now lets look at LOVE-

It is a word we should feel warm inside when we think of it. We possibly think of family, a special friend or partner

What we do forget is LOVE can overcome FEAR!

If we allowed our fears to be overtaken by love we would see ourselves, smiling more, appreciating life, those around us and showing gratitude.

An example: Love and fear in relationships

I will share an example: you have been in several relationships and you follow the same pattern always the same type of woman or man! But you break up you find a new person then the FEAR steps in EGO we acknowledge it thank it, give gratitude and then tell EGO go back to sleep!

We then LOVE the past break up and recognize what we need to change, what we really need to change.

Once we Live in LOVE a break can open up a whole new life for that right person.

But if we get into a new relationship and follow the same fearful behavior we can follow a life cycle reliving the same path over and over with someone new. We need to change our mindset. Being mindful, living in love and recognizing fear and our ego's can change our lives!

Follow these steps

  1. Recognize the FEAR
  2. Then appreciate it
  3. Thank your ego for showing you your mistakes from the past
  4. tell Ego to go back to SLEEP and LOVE the opportunity for what it is.  

If we Love a person who is filled with darkness we can eventually bring them closer to the loving light. We never push ourselves on them but smile maybe everyday or say Hello!
Love does conquer all!

Love occurs in so may forms that can create new opportunities, or even a better way of life.


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