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Goal Setting – Write Them Down

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If you have a beautiful clear picture of your goals in mind, it's important that it doesn't fade over time.

The best way to keep your goals new and shiny so that they keep exciting you every day – is to write them down.

Once they're committed to paper you can display them somewhere that you can see every day – tape them to a fridge door, or pin them next to your bed. This way they stay vibrant and fresh and it's easier to focus on getting what we want.

Action step: Where are you going to keep your goals?

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  • Claire Larner
    April 11, 2013

    Yes, I agree that keeping everything written down is one of the top ways to stay organized. I store all my lists on my iPhone--it's extremely handy especially when I'm running around meeting clients! I've also got a white board in my kitchen with my goals listed down for the day. I really recommend this tip!

  • Dylan Busam
    April 14, 2013

    I have lists everywhere- even in my bathroom! I find that inspiration can hit me anytime and anywhere so I always make the effort to pen down ideas and things I need to do whenever I can.

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