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Is Social Media Ruining Relationships?

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Is Social media ruining relationships?

There are more unhappy people on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the like than there are happy people.

Most relationships are failing due to their unhappy partner posting pictures or messages about their relationship, or how they are feeling because of it. Being in a "complicated relationship" says a whole lot.

I say that people are looking for trouble, and 9 times out of 10 they get what they are looking for or worse. When that happens most people are on the street of Rocky Road and around the corner to Divorce or a Breakup.

So, let's find a healthy way to stop this from speading. 

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Relationship Tip in the age of social media: 

In order to save your relationship and keep it private, and keep it off of the Social Media websites.

Instead, set aside some romance time for each other. Try getting a sitter if you have kids and start having a date night once a week to rekindle your love. 

If you need to work on your relationship a lot more, then seek the help of a Professional Coach to guide you both back to the happy place where your relationship belongs, so it can grow, develop and blossom into something much better.

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