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Coach Julie Ewald

Know Who You are Talking to, to Get Your Point Across

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You probably would speak differently to a king than you would to your spouse, but beyond that, there are different ways you should speak to different people.

Folks have different interests and are receptive to different modalities, like people who are more visual. If you want to effectively communicate, you should use what you know about someone as much as possible. When you speak to your neighbor who runs marathons, you may want to use a race metaphor to really help drive your point home, for example.

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  • Cassandra Moyen
    April 17, 2013

    This is especially true when you're meeting someone for an interview. You want to ensure you have something in common with your interviewer, so a quick around his/her office will be beneficial to you. The last time I was interviewed for a position, I struck up a conversation with my interviewer about her collection of shot glasses from around the world. It got us talking about our shared love of travel and made the interview a lot more casual!

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