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The Rule of Three When Meeting New People

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Repeat someone’s name at least three times upon meeting them.  Not only will it show them you are listening, but many studies have proven that repeating something at least three times will cement it into one’s memory.  

A NatGeo show on memory put this theory to the test and had a man try to remember the names of 20 new people.  After meeting and repeating, the man scored perfectly.  This trick works, so put it to use for yourself!

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  • Renee Stark
    April 11, 2013

    I'm better with faces than with names and I tend to fumble when I meet acquaintances. I've embarrassed myself on several occasions. Thanks for this tip! I find that word association also helps. For example, "Tedious Ted" or "Red-cheeked Rosita". :)

  • Gerri T.
    June 03, 2013

    I read somewhere that in order for something to permanently stick to ones memory, you have to repeat it 72 times! That sure is tedious! I suppose that applied to studying/memorizing stuff for school (or Ben language classes actually).
    Renee I like your way of remembering people's names!

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