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How to Reclaim Your Power in 2023

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How to Reclaim Your Power in 2023

Why in 2023? Because in this year, we are entering a deeper process of individuation. We are becoming more self-realized. After experiencing the storms and becoming aware of our traumas; what the universe is asking us is to reconnect with ourselves. To be inward, to build our inner world and to feel safe in our inner world. As we feel safe within ourselves we are attracting relationships that mirror the safety we feel within.

Reclaim your power in 2023!

In today's video, Galia excitedly shares her insights on how to reclaim our personal power in 2023, a year where we are delving deeper into self-realization and individuation. Here are her four tips to help you on your journey:

  1. Examine your relationships: Take a close look at the dynamics in your relationships. Ask yourself if you feel mistreated or taken advantage of, and identify areas where you may be giving your power away. Focus on establishing healthy boundaries to preserve your inner strength.

  2. Challenge limiting beliefs: Reflect on whether you have any limiting beliefs about yourself or what it means to be powerful and successful. Recognize these thoughts and work on breaking free from them to fully embrace your potential.

  3. Heal from sexual traumas: Reconnect with your life force and creative energy by addressing and healing from any sexual traumas you may have experienced. By doing so, you'll reignite your motivation and sense of personal power.

  4. Nurture your energetic and spiritual power: Engage in spiritual practices, such as Reiki, yoga, or meditation, to help you work with your subconscious and explore other realms of existence. These practices will enable you to cultivate your inner power and achieve harmony within yourself.

Tips and Takeaways:

  1. Prioritize self-reflection: Regularly assess your relationships, beliefs, and emotional well-being to identify areas where you can reclaim your power.

  2. Set healthy boundaries: Establish clear boundaries in your relationships to maintain a sense of self-respect and personal power.

  3. Challenge limiting beliefs: Recognize and confront any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from fully embracing your potential.

  4. Focus on healing: Address and heal from any past traumas to reconnect with your life force, creativity, and inner power.

  5. Embrace spiritual practices: Engage in activities like Reiki, yoga, or meditation to nurture your energetic and spiritual power, and achieve harmony within yourself.

  6. Cultivate self-awareness: Develop a deeper understanding of your subconscious mind and explore other realms of existence to unlock your true power.

  7. Seek guidance and support: Consider working with a mentor or professional, like Galia, to help you heal from traumas and uncover your inner power.

  8. Stay consistent: Reclaiming your power is an ongoing process. Continue to practice self-reflection, healing, and spiritual growth to maintain and expand your personal power.

Galia warmly invites you to book a consultation with her if you're interested in working together to heal from deep-rooted traumas and unveil your true power. Thank you for watching and supporting the channel, and Galia looks forward to seeing you in the next video!






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