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Weight Loss Tips

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Weight Loss Tips

This video gives you information and hints on how you can reach your desired weight, not just for today but for the rest of your life.

Including  a description of the healthy eating strategy described here:

The Healthy Eating Strategy Adapted from Connaie Ray Andreas - Heart of The Mind

  • 1. How do you know it’s time to eat. Is it when you see food? Do you hear someone say it’s time to eat? Do you look at the clock and notice it’s lunch time? Do you feel hungry? You might imagine that you are sitting d own to eat or looking in the fridge or looking at a menu.
  • 2. Now notice the feeling in your stomach, notice the quality of the feeling right now. It’s not just being full or hungry that you are checking for, but the way your stomach feels overall. Your stomach will feel different depending on what you last ate, whether you’ve been tense or relaxed etc.,
  • 3. Ask yourself in your mind ‘what would feel good in my stomach now?’ You might imagine a turkey sandwich, a chocolate bar, a bowl of tomato soup, steak & salad etc.,
  • 4. Next imagine a portion of the food you thought of. If you thought of a Turkey sandwich, you’ll get a quick taste of turkey sandwich, and then notice what if feels like as it slides into your stomach. You can get a sense of how the sandwich will feel in your stomach, and how your entire body will feel throughout the next few hours if you eat it. 5. Now compare this feeling with the feeling you had in your stomach before you imagined eating anything. Which feeling do you like better?
  • 5. Now visualize another possible food item. Perhaps a chocolate bar.
  • 6. Now you’re going to find out if you really want to eat the chocolate bar or not. Imagine eating the chocolate bar, and feel it going into your stomach. Notice the feeling of having the chocolate bar in your stomach over the next few hours. How does this make you feel?
  • 7. How does the feeling compare to how you would feel if you ate the turkey sandwich? Notice which feeling is more pleasurable to you. Which choice makes you feel better? Keep in mind the item that gives you the best feeling over time.
  • 8. Do this same process with a variety of foods. Each time, keeping in mind the food item that makes you feel the best over a period of time.
  • 9. When you are satisfied that you have considered enough possible foods in this way for this process to begin to seem natural to you, notice which food item made you feel the best.

Now imagine that you go ahead and eat that food item, and feel the satisfaction of eating what makes you feel good over time. Do this in several different situations. Such as diner out with friends, breakfast at home, at a party. Keep repeating this process. When these steps begin to become natural to you, this is a sign that the process is becoming automatic, and that you will continue to do this in the future, just as automatically as the way you previously selected food.

The same strategy allows you to decide when to stop eating. Each time you take a bite you can quickly sense how that bite will feel in your stomach over time, of course, you stop as soon as the next bite would make you feel less comfortable than you are now. As this process becomes a habit , it happens very rapidly and without you having to think about it. Also if you think you have to eat everything on your plate… use small plates! ;-)

This strategy results in a gradual loss of weight that is maintained over ti

“I never resist temptation, because I have found that things that are bad for me do not tempt me” - George Bernard Shaw

Over the years the dieting industry has grown to be one of the most successful businesses, because it is based on failure. You fail at one diet and then you try another one and then another, and each time ending up a little bit bigger as your metabolism slows down.

Diets are based on deprivation, they are based on willpower, and no matter how strong your will power, when you feel deprived you will eventually give in to the pressure. Imagination is the language of the unconscious, this is where the magic really happens.

I help you realise that is your thinking that is stopping you from being at your desired weight. I help you take control of your brain rather than it controlling you.

Follow the healthy eating strategy, listen to the recording and if you would like to have a free online session where I can serve you in the best way I can to begin to make changes to your weight, drop me a message, its easy to organise.






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