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What Caused My Ex's Feelings To Fade and Breakup With Me?

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What Caused My Ex's Feelings To Fade and Breakup With Me?

In this video, Coach Lee delves into why feelings may fade in a relationship and offers strategies to tackle these issues. He identifies several main reasons and suggests ways to rekindle the spark in the relationship:

  1. Emotional attraction: Coach Lee emphasizes that emotional attraction is crucial in any relationship. When it declines, other aspects, such as physical attraction, suffer as well. To address this issue, he recommends giving your ex some space to let them miss you and reflect on the relationship. Meanwhile, work on self-improvement, enhance your attractiveness, and demonstrate the positive changes you've made when you reconnect.

  2. Limerence: Coach Lee describes limerence as an early, intense form of love that inevitably fades and evolves into a more mature love based on commitment, companionship, and intimacy. To handle this transition, he suggests maintaining a casual but polite distance from your ex to exhibit attractiveness. Once the relationship is back on track, have an open conversation about limerence and work on creating shared experiences to strengthen the bond. This may include going on new adventures together, even if they are local, to increase intimacy and maintain some excitement.

  3. Exterior pressure: Coach Lee explains that pressure from friends and family can negatively impact a relationship, especially if they have strong opinions about your partner. To counteract this, he advises rebuilding emotional attraction by giving your ex space and not trying to convince them to ignore their friends' and family's opinions. Instead, show some reserve when they initiate interaction with you, and focus on self-improvement to demonstrate change.

  4. Negative experiences: Coach Lee highlights that accumulated negative experiences, such as rejection, angry fights, or displays of selfishness, can cause feelings to fade in a relationship. To tackle this, he recommends sending a clean slate message, which is a short and sincere apology for past mistakes, and then stepping back to let your ex process the situation. This approach can help your ex see that you acknowledge your errors and are willing to give them the space they need to decide if they want to reconnect.

Throughout the discussion, Coach Lee repeatedly emphasizes the importance of staying away from your ex and working on rebuilding emotional attraction as the first step in addressing these issues. 

Tips and takeaways

Here are some key tips and takeaways from Coach Lee's discussion on why feelings fade and how to address these issues in a relationship:

  1. Focus on emotional attraction: Emotional attraction is the foundation of any relationship. When it declines, other aspects suffer as well. Work on self-improvement and exhibit positive changes to rekindle emotional attraction.

  2. Understand and manage limerence: Recognize that limerence is a natural, intense form of love that evolves over time. Communicate openly with your partner about this transition and create shared experiences to strengthen your bond.

  3. Give your ex space: It's essential to respect your ex's wishes and give them time and space to reflect on the relationship. This can help them miss you and potentially reconsider the breakup.

  4. Address exterior pressure: Be aware of the influence friends and family can have on your relationship. Instead of trying to change their opinions, focus on self-improvement and demonstrating positive changes to your ex.

  5. Apologize for past mistakes: Send a clean slate message to acknowledge and apologize for any negative experiences in the relationship. Keep it short and sincere, then step back to give your ex time to process the situation.

  6. Maintain a casual but polite distance: When your ex initiates interaction, be friendly but also show some reserve. This demonstrates emotional maturity and can pique their interest in reconnecting.

  7. Seek professional help if needed: Reach out to Coach Lee or his team for personalized guidance on navigating these complex relationship issues.

Remember that rebuilding emotional attraction and staying away from your ex are crucial first steps in addressing these issues. By focusing on self-improvement and demonstrating positive changes, you can increase the likelihood of rekindling the spark in your relationship.

Watch Coach Lee's next video on changing an ex's mind and to reach out to him or his team if you need help getting back together with your ex.

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