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Establishing Healthy Boundaries

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Surround Yourself With Goodness

how Memories affect our behavior

Memories are simply recalled experiences from the past… a hub of data collected over the course of one’s life stored within the mind. This hub of data is what drives a person’s fears.

Memories are designed to be constant reminders meant to help push a person away from places where they have experienced pain, so they don’t regress back to that part of themselves they have since grown past.

Without the use of the conscious mind where stored memories reside, they would have absolutely no way to resist or protect themselves from situations that have hurt or harmed them in some way in their past. They would simply experience them all over again. For example, there would be no way to remember that there were bees nesting peacefully in a log until you went to move it. If you could not recall the memory of the bee sting, you would pick up that same log all over again…and get stung all over again.

The only way a person truly grows to hate or fear is by choosing to recall memories from their past that brought them pain and then choosing to use those memories to sabotage their own efforts for positive growth. This translates to disease.

When a person chooses to make their decisions using their mind, they cause sabotage, or disease, within their lives. Conversely, when that same individual chooses to release their mind and allow their heart, or spirit, to guide their ways instead, they start to voluntarily disallow their minds to overpower or take control. At this point absolutely anything is possible because the driving energies behind absolutely everything that person does going forward is no longer from the mind…it is from the heart.


what is pain?

Recalling pain helps to heal old wounds. It is up to each and every person to choose to use his or her mind for good. Each person should choose to use his or her painful memories to identify ways to peacefully set healthy boundaries and retreat to a place of stillness until he or she can come to a place of resolve and enriched contentment within their hearts.

Pain is truly our own doing; as is choosing to relive it. Pain is simply a manifestation of where our hearts truly reside at any given moment. If we want peace then we must first come to that place within our own minds.

  • Why aren’t we at a state of peace and balance within ourselves?
  • What is preventing this?
  • How do we correct this?

Choosing to make a positive change

The absolute only way we can ever hope to manifest peace into our lives and hearts is to start asking these questions and then coming up with positive solutions to bring about positive change.

Everything we endure in our lifetimes, from the cell level up to the global and universal, is simply a manifestation of our own minds. Will we allow our minds to control us or instead allow our hearts to set us free? The choice is always ours. We each need to feel led to choose to want it badly enough but choose to get there through peaceful resolution, through gentle guidance, instead of through force.

Do you want peace?

Anger and violence is nothing more than highly volatile fear, disease, or destruction, caused by the mind and comes from our willingness to continuously sabotage ourselves from achieving that which we desire most…peace.

If we truly want peace, how are wars, violence, revenge, rage, or abuse of any kind answers? Each of us draws to ourselves that which we fear the most. If we constantly attract violence to ourselves, at some point we should start asking why.

Fear is manifested as disease and is a direct result of the state our mind is in. We each need to choose to push past our fear, choosing to recognize it as the resistance it is, to get us to the other side of all the pain and disease to a place of peace.

Peace resides in each of us…but we each need to choose to love ourselves enough to understand the right way to get there.

  • We will never find peace through war or intolerance of our differences.
  • Chaos brings more chaos. Unless we choose positive change, we will each be dragged down by the energies we have chosen to cling to in our state of fear within our minds.

be careful how you chase your desires

We will always manifest our truest desires, regardless of what they may be. But we each need to try our best to start asking ourselves why we desire what we are manifesting.

  • Is it because we are choosing to still be led by our minds where we are continuing to sabotage our own peace and happiness? We each need to start choosing to be very careful how we ask for what we desire.
  • How do we direct our intentions? If we sabotage others to get to our desires, karma will return in equal measure to regain balance. There is no other way. The human mind will create the situations, scenarios, people, and things to itself to get exactly what it wishes for…in the manner in which it wishes for it.

Changing our behavior

Sabotage is a form of violence. It is a way of forcing ourselves to accomplish a goal we desire for ourselves through the mind where fear resides. What a person manifests into his or her life that person and only that person has put there, absolutely no one else. Each person’s choices are his or her own; each person’s energies are his or her own. The “Law of Attraction” clearly states that what we put into the universe is exactly what we will get back. If we want a different result, then we need to choose to change our behavioral patterns.

Einstein said it best when he stated, “the definition of insanity is performing the same actions over and over again and expecting a different result.” A person truly does reach the point of insanity when he or she performs the same actions day in and day out and then gets frustrated at the world instead of him or herself when the results are continuously the same. Perpetual motion will not allow for any other outcomes other than the ones established by the repetition of the same patterns.

Patterns must be broken in order for change to occur. The old must be shed to let the new in. Otherwise, we simply stay encased in our old hard shells with no way to let in the new light.

  • Each person must choose to want positive change.
  • They need to choose to want it for them.
  • They need to choose to want it for everyone around them.

When a person desires positive change in their life badly enough, their heart will take over. Then, it is just a matter of time before they will begin to see good begin to fruit up and become their reality. Each person needs to consciously choose to surround his or herself with goodness in order to become the goodness they desire. When they choose to surround themselves with nothing but good, there is absolutely no way a bad outcome can result.

Changing our perception

Garbage in = garbage out. The choice is granted to each of us through free will to either be forced by the mind, or gently guided by the heart of spirit. Everything a person continues to attract to themselves remains completely neutral until the very moment the person chooses to judge it, good or bad. That is when that neutral energy becomes powerful…either good or bad depending on individual perceptions; how each person decides to judge it.

  • If a person wants a peaceful life, then they need to choose to perceive all that surrounds them as peaceful. How each person chooses to define their individual life is exactly how he or she will experience it…good or bad.
  • If a person wants positive change, then they need to decide to change their lives for the better with humble, peaceful solutions.
  • If they choose to change their mindset, they will change their lives. Every second of every single day is an opportunity for positive change.
  • Each person decides the outcome with their minds or their hearts, depending on how they are each led in each moment.

Do you continuously attract things, situations, and people into your life that steal your joy? If your decision today, this very moment, is to break through...

  • Sabotaging
  • Destructive barriers of hatred, greed, intolerance, mortality, sickness, disease, bigotry, hypocrisy
  • Judgment to return yourself to a place of balance, harmony, and peaceful retreat within your mind, body, and spirit, then please feel free to join my team of internal and external clients on this amazing journey we call life.

Stop being afraid

It is my mission, my purpose for being here, to do everything in my power to break the chains of fear that bind us all within our minds and hearts to prevent us from that place of peace we each so crave and rightfully deserve.

What I do is a mission of love. I know nothing but love; survival of the self by establishing healthy boundaries to protect and shield my personal energies through humble, peaceful means.

How do you define peace for yourself? Focus your intentions on that mark for yourself and continue to set your intentions on that mark. Don’t ever let go of it. Start living that life for yourself, choosing to set healthy boundaries. You will begin to see that place begin to fruit up and manifest. It will not happen overnight, as your mind will continue its old patterns for a while until you choose to start willingly pushing them out of the way. But, as long as you choose to willingly submit to your heart while experiencing what is happening in your life, while choosing to be patient and watchful, discovering your new self as it unfolds, you will begin to see many positive changes start coming into your life.

If you want positive change, I would highly recommend that you...

  • Start keeping a daily journal
  • Start examining every single situation in your life…every single moment of every single day.
  • Choose to ask yourself as you experience each situation, thing, or person if it is an obstacle you have chosen to create within your mind that you are choosing to use to sabotage your own efforts towards a successful, happy, and peaceful existence, or if it is an opportunity for peace.

You decide by allowing either your mind to continue making your decisions for you, or releasing it all to your heart, where your spirit will start to guide your ways.

Wait until you're ready to change

Sometimes doing nothing is doing something. If you are not sure, wait until you are. Until you feel like performing an action, remain completely still and allow your heart and your spirit to speak to you.

You can’t truly hear your spirit if you are constantly performing actions. Choose to be still and allow yourself to hear the real you. What do you truly want out of your life? Be sure when you finally do make a decision that it is a balanced and neutral one. Otherwise, you simply turn into a hot molecule, loading up on volatility, choosing to react to every situation with hate, contempt, and judgment in your heart. Let all the pain and hurt go. Realize that you do harm to yourself by holding on to the anger and judgment. What is truly in your heart will be revealed.

We each need to choose to start realizing that the way to our salvation is through releasing the old to let the new in. How can we possibly make a fresh start if we are constantly clinging to what hasn’t worked? Let’s have the courage to remain faithful to what we each feel is right in our hearts. Then, remain peacefully resolute in all we do to make that place of peace we so desire a reality. All we need to do is simply choose to release our minds and get them out of the way; just let everything from our past go. This is ultimately the way to peace.


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